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  1. Alright. Then i vote to support Word formats as well. Even though i'm not even a APublisher user.
  2. Sure, but, isn't copying and pasting the text unformatted the way to go? Otherwise you'd mess up the existing formatting of the file or not?
  3. Just wondering, but... what would by typical use cases of importing a docx document into a desktop publishing software?
  4. Not sure if i understand your post well either. Do you want to tell me that, when we compare two programs, that one program could be enhanced by third party payware software? What if i purchase Elements Plus, and put Photoshop Elements on a level almost comparable with the "big" Photoshop? Should i compare that to Affinity Photo without any additions then? Of course i can buy additional software. But, then there would be no point to compare what the programs come with out of the box. And, i would also always have to buy something on top of what i have, which makes the whole comparison useless. Apart from that i have never, i repeat, never seen anything which a third party sells, which can really compare to the "factory" stuff. I don't know how good those brushes are, but, i'm doubtful that they're as good as the ones in Photoshop Elements, or even the APhoto included ones. Just my stomach feeling, and judging from the experience i always had with third party additions, or plugins.
  5. Yeah, it's a pixel selection in AP. Something i also have to get used to, coming from other programs which don't call it like that.
  6. What i definitely miss in APhoto compared to Photoshop Elements, which i also use, are the additional brushes, and, especially, the lots of artistic filters. APhoto really falls short there. Other than that, there are things which are more easy in PS Elements, and in APhoto. And, of course, APhoto has some things PS Elements doesn't. For example, one big argument for me to buy APhoto was the pencil/vector drawing tool, as i really needed that. I tried Inkscape, but, just like many other free Open Source, i found the handling and GUI beyond horrible (that's something about every payware does better, always). Anyway, summing up, there are certainly always things the one or the other program does better. The amount of such things ultimately, for me, makes the difference between a good and a great software. But, of course it's also about cost/performance ratio, and, APhoto certainly does a nice job there. Now, i'm hoping that it will develop further, which it surely will do. The thing is just, and that's what i wanted to say, i don't get this this vs. that thing. If you really want to compare Photoshop with APhoto, then, unfortunately, i have to say that APhoto is not on Photoshop's level. But, i don't think it's really comparable, because APhoto also costs a fraction of what Photoshop costs, and, there's really need to talk your software good, because it already is good. It's just that, if a person happens to use 80% of what Photoshop has to offer, there's no point in recommending him/her to use APhoto, because he/she will most likely be disappointed. Apart from having to adapt to a different workflow, and different program.
  7. No. I mean the transformation of a selection. When you use the select tool to draw a selection, you then have to switch to the quick mask, open the Selection menu, choose Edit selection as layer (or similar), and then you have to switch to the Move tool. Really complicated.
  8. I don't think there's any "greed" on Adobe's side. They just take what they can take (normal business really). Nobody is forced to use PS. Professionals pay for it, because they think it's worth it. Other than that, i see some very sensible opinions and advice here. I like. Affinity's products will continue to develop, and, they're doing a good job. You won't be able to place a equal alternative on day one. And, it's also a matter of manpower, and money flow. I wouldn't really get into this this vs. that thing anyway. Affinity Photo is a nice software, and, i doubt many will feel that it falls short in features. So far, for the things i do, i really like it. The only thing which is really bad that i notice is the transformation of a selection. I have no idea why Serif didn't just implement handles on the selection, to quickly transform it, like GIMP does it, for example. That's a real PITA. But, that's about the only thing i noticed really negatively.
  9. If you think that a software in version 1, which is being developed with a lot less manpower, and costs a lot less, can immediately out of the box compete with a software which is being developed for 20 years, is in version 14 now, costs a lot more, and is being developed with a lot more manpower, then i want to know from which planet you are coming. Affinity Photo can't compete with Photoshop either, in terms of features, and ease of use. Don't get me wrong, i think Affinity Photo is a great program, and total overkill for me as a mere hobbyist, but... Photoshop is a whole different caliber. Everyone with half a brain to be able to judge that will tell you that. That's fine though. It's another market. Affinity products are semi to pro, while the Adobe products are used by students around the world to get to a professional level, when they get into a job.
  10. chakko007

    Affinity's update

    That's the problem, innit? How is a single user supposed to say what "people" like or don't like.
  11. chakko007

    Affinity's update

    Personally, i don't care much about the splash screen. It looks OK in my eyes. I think there are more important other things Serif should work on. E.g. more filters, more brushes, an easier way to transform selections, or the ability to rename batch processed files.
  12. chakko007

    Affinity Photo 1.7

    I read something about Q1 of 2019.
  13. Hey, it would be great if Affinity Photo could get an option to rename files you are batch processing, like many other picture editing programs have. E.g., i had the case today that i needed to resize a couple of pictures today, once in 600px height, once in 140px width. I didn't have to change the first batch of pictures, but, i needed a appendix "_thumbnails" for the others. Ended up doing it in Photoshop Elements, because Affinity Photo didn't let me rename the files when processing them as a batch. So, yeah, would love to have that in Affinity Photo. Cheers.
  14. Alright, no worries, and thank you so much for leading me to the right track. Edit: Thanks R C-R. I think when i will learn some more about working with lines & curves/vectors, i will become more fluent in this. It's absolutely new for me, never did anything with it.
  15. Hi, could it be that you meant Layer > Gemoetry > Combine? When i choose the Add option, the second curve gets removed, but, when i choose Combine, it does just what you mentioned.