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  1. Oh come on... the devs are way more responsive than other devs in this business. Try to get some Adobe, or Corel dev on the line. Good luck.
  2. I bought this a while ago to output PDF's from Word (which has very few features, and a bad image quality, when it comes to PDF export...): https://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-standard Does everything i need, can't speak for you of course, might miss something.
  3. About the point whether or not Mac or Windows users are "hurt" by a potential Linux version: Yes, of course it would hurt existing users, because money and effort would have to be redirected towards a Linux version. It would also hurt Serif's business in the long run, and probably raise product prices.
  4. Ok, so now that you've said that the most relevant things are irrelevant, what's left there to argue about? For Serif, the only thing that matters is how many people would buy their software. Even with $500.000 crowdfunding (which is a total laugh... ridiculous to believe they'd get that for a native Linux version), they'd still have to sell their software to the Linux people.
  5. The market is pretty obvious. Take a look at how many people in artistic professions use Linux. Take a look at the world wide distribution of Linux on home and work PC's. Take a look, analyze, and learn. I have issues believing Linux people really do that though, judging by how many of such threads surface online, where most of the Linux people are.
  6. I really don't know if you're serious about this post (i really have a hard time figuring that out), but, there was a clear "No" from the Affinity developers, and, Linux users are once again not willing to accept that. Or any rational and economical argumentation.
  7. The biggest issue is probably that the Linux crowd doesn't understand the basic principles of running a business. Or doesn't want to hear those.
  8. A very sensible post, with which i wholeheartedly agree. Gotta stay realistic with the expectations.
  9. Lovely thread. And, yes, it would be weird if Affinity didn't conform to really basic desktop principles.
  10. chakko007

    Release date estimation

    Rather the good old "Can't be arsed to spend time on discussing with a religiously indoctrinated person who won't listen to rational arguments anyway". Feel free to go on anyway. I have a feeling no matter what i say, you won't stop anyway.
  11. chakko007

    Release date estimation

    I wouldn't know where to start. And i have better things to do in life than argue all day on internet forums as well.
  12. chakko007

    Release date estimation

    Sure, Photoshop sucks so hard that everyone in the business is using it.
  13. chakko007

    Release date estimation

    @nezumi: It's not easy for comapnies like Adobe to keep the ball running, so to say. Customers expect new stuff, and innovations for their money. No wonder that the software gets cramped and bloated with features then. Affinity products already won't be bloated due to the relatively slow development (no offense meant, normal with a team which is way smaller than Adobe).