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  1. Thank you. 👍 I take it that the plugins work anyway, even though the status is shown as "unknown"?
  2. Just wondering, but... is it normal that "only" 2 of the Nik collection plugins appear to be working in APhoto?
  3. So.. i didn't find them in the main toolbar, and i didn't find them in the menus... I guess i should dig a hole somewhere, and bury myself in it.
  4. I'm ashamed now that i never noticed those... i expected auto-corrections to be in one of the menus, like they are in PS Elements. Thanks a lot for the tip! Back to school for me now, and to see what i also missed in the software.
  5. Right, but, why not just implement those as factory defaults, instead of making the user do the job? My point was about comfort, as that's what makes a software... well... more comfortable. Apart from that, i really don't see where APhoto should have some auto corrections like PS Elements has. Maybe i just don't know where to look.
  6. Strange... i have no idea why that is happening. Works fine here. That said, Serif should definitely improve the batch processing. For example, i sorely miss a option to save the processed files with a file name extension like "IMG_3367_processed". That way, you could save into the same folder, without overwriting the existing files. I can also imagine that some generic auto corrections like sharpening, auto colour, or auto contrast could be added. Even Photoshop Elements has that.
  7. As this is the first update for me: Can i just install this over my existing installation, and it will update it?
  8. TBH, the least "cool ideas" come from communities, but from people who know the market, and who know what the professionals want. The "community" in most cases has no idea about that.
  9. The last "official" update for APhoto was pretty much half a year ago... apart from, as has been mentioned, the beta updates.
  10. Well, it isn't called the "Pixel" Persona for nothing. Sorry, had to.
  11. Ah... well, that's a great way to test the "waters" then (the family sharing).
  12. By all means demo it thoroughly before switching. Nobody here can tell you which features you need, and whether APhoto can replace Photoshop for you.
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