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  1. TBH, the least "cool ideas" come from communities, but from people who know the market, and who know what the professionals want. The "community" in most cases has no idea about that.
  2. The last "official" update for APhoto was pretty much half a year ago... apart from, as has been mentioned, the beta updates.
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    Well, it isn't called the "Pixel" Persona for nothing. Sorry, had to.
  4. chakko007

    Elizabeth Taylor (Affinity Designer)

    Wow, that's very nice.
  5. Ah... well, that's a great way to test the "waters" then (the family sharing).
  6. By all means demo it thoroughly before switching. Nobody here can tell you which features you need, and whether APhoto can replace Photoshop for you.
  7. The question is whether or not the missing features really have been planned. Of course, i agree. I don't think a software will ever be "complete", but, yeah, there's definitely the one or the other pretty vital thing i still am missing in APhoto, which is the only one i own, apart from PagePlus.
  8. ... for taking as much time as it is needed to get Publisher ready, and for not pushing a unfinished version, and also pushing the 1.7 updates for Photo and Designer. Really not natural in times where many companies need to account for "I want the new version now!!!" customers, who have no patience, and then complain about buggy and unfinished products, when the companies give them what they want. Really wished that was more common. Devs should take all the time a software needs before releasing it, to make sure it's rock solid, and has all the features which were planned.
  9. It's things like the one described in the OP, which still made me keep Photoshop Elements 13 installed... i mean, seriously. This is a must have feature, to easily be able to stroke the contour of the selection. I really think that should be added to APhoto as quickly as possible. Edit: The Ellipse tool works perfectly though.
  10. GIMP has a horrid GUI, so, big +1 there.
  11. Nice catch. Actually, i'm watching his match vs. Judd Trump right now on Youtube.
  12. Oh come on... the devs are way more responsive than other devs in this business. Try to get some Adobe, or Corel dev on the line. Good luck.
  13. I bought this a while ago to output PDF's from Word (which has very few features, and a bad image quality, when it comes to PDF export...): https://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-standard Does everything i need, can't speak for you of course, might miss something.
  14. About the point whether or not Mac or Windows users are "hurt" by a potential Linux version: Yes, of course it would hurt existing users, because money and effort would have to be redirected towards a Linux version. It would also hurt Serif's business in the long run, and probably raise product prices.