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  1. Sorry, I could maybe halfway understand that decision if you were dealing with Russian companies, but, withdrawing sales to Russian citizens? WTH do they have to do with political discussions by their government? That's like claiming that every German was a nazi in the Third Reich. No sir. My grandparents weren't nazis. I sincerely hope that you reconsider your decisions, because they only will hurt people who don't have to do with the war, and who are in need of cost efficient alternatives to expensive software,. You also will do nothing about Russia's political decisions with the decision to not sell to Russian citizens. That's an error in your thinking. Anyway, as has been pointed, this way, you will also not cater to other Russian speaking nations.
  2. Upgrade costs never have been linked to the cost of the software. I know very inexpensive software with upgrade prices to the higher version. Anyway, it's pointless to discuss about that all day long. It is what it is, everyone can decide for himself what he/she/it does with his/her/its money, so, it's alright, no hard feelings.
  3. Dunno what was the issue then. All good though now that you know about it?
  4. That doesn't mean that software stops working. And, I don't really see a reason not to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 version anyway, which happens automatically, if you haven't blocked updates in some odd way.
  5. To be honest, that's one of the reasons why I don't buy Macs. Mojave is a mere 4 years old. Windows 10 is 7 years old, and still going, in the sense of being supported by current software. Will probably still be supported in 3 years, when it becomes 10 years old. Especially as a development platform, this has gotta suck. A lot of professional audio software was very late to migrate to Apple Silicon. The joy of having to rewrite a lof of code, just because the hardware manufacturer decides that ARM is the future.
  6. I never thought about it, but, would a second hand license be an option? Are license transfers even supported by Serif? I don't know.
  7. How is it entitled to think that something which is totally normal in most other software could be present in this software as well? Anyway, I'm pretty tired of discussing, as, obviously, everything you say when you post about this topic is taken the wrong way, and you're an angry or annoyed troll, who is an entitled prick to users who can't discuss this topic in a proper and fair way. I said what I said, and Serif is surely aware that there are people who aren't that happy with a 60% price increase, and no upgrade options for existing users. What they do with it is their matter anyway. I think what this really showed is the sad state of attitude on internet forums or social media in general. People calling you angry, while they're the angry ones, spreading hate and being abusive. If anything, it tells a lot about people posting here.
  8. I see. Then all left to say is that I wish you luck on your crusade for the "good". Maybe it was a good thing that you hardly post on this forum?
  9. I don't ask for a discount. The topic is "No rewards for being an existing user". Frankly, I agree with Tony0 though. Just close this. Obviously, there are a lot of misunderstandings from people who somehow need to defend Serif wherever they can. It's pointless to discuss like this, when one side alwas makes up things, misunderstands, or acts condescending by saying that the software just costs double what they tip on a restaurant visit. Absolutely pointless to discuss like that.
  10. Yeah, and some people live in million dollar homes. Does that mean that less money isn't a lot of money for others? Especially when you're a hobbyist not using the software very often.
  11. Why would I not update? Using something rarely doesn't mean that there is no need for potentially useful features in a new version. Maybe I'd even use it more often because of those added features.
  12. Again, I'm not whining. So stop whining about things you jus made up.
  13. It wasn't mean literally. I'm sure you'll also be able to eat with a more moderate price increase.
  14. I assume they want an even bigger slice of Adobe's cake. All fair enough, but, again, raising the base price by 60% over the years is a bit steep in my eyes. 20-30 € for the upgrade, and most people will upgrade, plus there'll be new customers with a still pretty reasonable full price. No, I won't apply as sales manager for Serif.
  15. Oh, I think it's important that they also get feedback about things users aren't happy with. Of course, what ultimately matters to them is people buying the software. And, by the way, I don't whine. I'm also not annoyed or angry, or whatever whiny, angry or annoyed users throw at me.
  16. The explanation is fair enough. It's just that, obviously, what Patrick forgets is that anyone else also has to eat. Not saying that I won't be able to eat if I buy the v2 apps, but, the rationalization is a bit shortsighted. We all have to eat. The question is whether we'll be able, when software becomes more and more expensive. Already wrote it elsewhere: The Affinity apps now cost 60 % more than the originally did. Of course, you could argue that inflation has a similar impact now, and you wouldn't even be wrong... the question is, is it a good idea to add to it.
  17. The full price every customer pays is usually referred to as the full price, because it's not a price to upgrade the software. Let's stick with the precise terminology, and not make up things like "upgrade price" for a software you buy which you have never owned before. Or do you also pay an "upgrade price" when you buy a new vehicle? No. You might though when you upgrade it (additional parts, extensions). Which is the whole point of the term.
  18. I think it always matters to keep your existing customers happy. I don't know how it is where you come from, but, here, the telecommunications operators always aim for new customers, by "faking" a price of 9,95 € for the first 6 months, and then you pay 39,99 € after that, which is written in tiny font below the price for the first 6 months. That's the kind of behavior from companies who couldn't care less about their existing customers, but always try to lure new customers into their system. Not that I think Serif does the same here. It's just... well... that a (perpetual) upgrade price would be a nice gesture for those who own the software for a while. Many other companies do it. I'm not annoyed about it though (dunno why you need to use such a term again). Just to make it clear another time: I'm not angry. I'm not annoyed. I argue in a reasonable, and friendly manner in my eyes. There's no reason to implicate that I'm angry, annoyed, or whatever nice term you have available for people who don't conform to the way you are perceiving things. I think we can all exist here with different mindsets and opinions, and no one has to be sidelined by people who think they have to defend "their" company (for whatever reason).
  19. I'm totally "chilled". It's just that we shouldn't mix everything up. A limited time discounted price is not an upgrade price.
  20. No. That's no upgrade price. That's the price for any existing or new customer. An upgrade price is a price to upgrade the software. Not a discounted price everyone pays for a short period of time.
  21. That isn't the price I pay in Germany, unfortunately. In Germany, I pay 49 € for the upgrade, and 85 € full price. PS Elements 2022 cost me 50 €, I think, not upgrade. Admittedly, also on sale.
  22. I don't consider apps like Inkspace or GIMP worthy competitors. I tried them.
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