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  1. Welcome to the forums @siarkie, Did you ever use the 'Add to library' button to add it as a permanently available Macro in the Library panel or use the 'Export' button to save it out as an .afmacro file? If you simply closed your document/app after recording a Macro and later opened the same file the macro panel will get cleared, so if you didn't do either of these then that may explain why it's no longer there. Info: https://affinity.help/photo2/English.lproj/pages/Macros_Batch/macros.html https://affinity.help/photo2/English.lproj/pages/Panels/libraryPanel.html
  2. Hey @MikeTO, I've now replicated and logged this with the developers.
  3. Hi @MikeTO, I've now replicated and logged this issue with the developers, thanks. 🙂
  4. Hi @Hirtarchery, This is a known bug currently logged with the developers, I've updated the issue to reflect that this issue is still outstanding in the latest version and bumped it with your report.
  5. Hi @Rob Chisholm, If you're referring to the canvas background/pasteboard on iPad you can change the Grey level under the App Settings > Interface > 'Background Grey Level' slider.
  6. Welcome to the forums @Thomas Bloem, Unfortunately your .aftemplate file doesn't appear to be recoverable by any standard methods, so I'll get the file logged with the developers for further investigation. Please note that this is primarily for the purpose of investigating the cause of the corruption to help improve the app's file handling, and there's no guarantee that your file can be recovered or a timeframe/ETA we can provide. Therefore, it would be best to revert to a backup if one is available.
  7. Hi @anemos, You can increase the size of the swatches via the panel context/burger menu > Appearance as shown below. 🙂
  8. Hi @Angelos58, As v_kyr mentioned we'll need some more specific information on the problem as otherwise it will be guesswork. Any detail you can provide on steps taken, along with screenshots or even a screen recording demonstrating the problem will allow us to assist further. 🙂 Screen recording FAQ: Many thanks
  9. Welcome to the forums @HoratioVWS, I'd initially suggest doing a basic reset of the app along with disabling Hardware acceleration by following the below: Close all Affinity apps Hold down CTRL and launch Publisher 2 while still holding CTRL A 'Clear user data' menu will prompt with three boxes ticked, in addition tick 'Disable Hardware Acceleration' Press 'Clear' and the app will now launch If it still crashes could you provide us with any recent crash report files generated from the app? The FAQ below details how to find these. Many thanks
  10. Hi @Pyanepsion, In the Style 'Decorations' tab toggle the 'Enabled' box until it becomes a strikethrough/dash (-) and it should remove the 'Paragraph decorations' style attribute. As for the 'Character outline: none' at some point it's likely that the Outline setting under the 'Colour & Decorations' was changed and then set to 'None'. This normally shows as 'No Change' but once it's been defined I don't think there's a method to set it back to this in the same dialog as it uses the Stroke settings menu. However, you could just use the 'Reset formatting' box under the 'Style' tab which should clear both of these attributes at once.
  11. Welcome to the forums @Koerpersanka, I've just tested this on 2.3 Photo and it's allowed me to proceed with the de-activation without any issue, after performing the same steps and then swiped to close and re-open the app to restart it I was greeted with the activation screen. Could you try de-activating the app via the 'Clear user data' menu to see if it then works? Instructions below: Reboot your iPad Open Photo 2 and quickly double tap on the loading/start screen A 'Clear user data' menu will appear, tick 'De-activate Affinity 2 apps' and 'Reset Account Data' Press 'Reset' and the app will now launch Hopefully this should then return you to the activation page.
  12. Hi @LCamachoDesign, This is a known Windows bug when manually changing the % numeric value resulting in completely unexpected results, I'll bump the existing issue with your report. While not an ideal workaround the bug does not occur when using the slider to change the value, but % accuracy is lost as a result.
  13. Die ungewöhnlichen Farben, die in der Benutzeroberfläche der App angezeigt werden und auf die Garry P hingewiesen hat, deuten darauf hin, dass es sich um ein Problem mit dem ICC-Anzeigeprofil handeln könnte, mit dem Ihr Monitor ausgeliefert wurde. Versuchen Sie, das Anzeigeprofil wie folgt auf sRGB einzustellen: 1. Drücken Sie die Windows-Taste + R, um den Befehl Ausführen aufzurufen 2. Geben Sie: colorcpl ein und drücken Sie die Eingabetaste 3. Vergewissern Sie sich im Fenster Farbmanagement, dass der richtige Monitor ausgewählt ist, wenn Sie mehrere haben. 4. Markieren Sie "Meine Einstellungen für dieses Gerät verwenden". 5. Drücken Sie auf "Hinzufügen" und scrollen Sie in der Liste nach unten, um "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" zu finden, und drücken Sie auf "OK". 6. Wählen Sie das Profil sRGB 2.1 und drücken Sie auf "Als Standardprofil festlegen". 7. Wählen Sie das alte Monitorprofil aus und drücken Sie auf "Entfernen". 8. Schließen Sie die Farbmanagement-Schnittstelle und starten Sie Ihren PC neu. Nach dem Neustart öffnen Sie das gleiche Bild in Photo und vergleichen Sie.
  14. Welcome to the forums @Genevieve D, Since 2.2.0 there were improvements made to the app's file handling process, however we are aware some users are still experiencing this problem and as such we have a new issue logged internally for this which I'll bump with your report. I'd suggest first confirming if this is a file specific problem by trying to save a new blank document out to the desktop and seeing if the error persists. I'd also suggest that you try saving to a local location on your disk that's not backed up to the iCloud, as it's possible to set iCloud to back up the Documents/Desktop directories which could be causing issues.
  15. Bienvenue sur les forums @jacques Blot Il est possible d'ouvrir dans Publisher des documents créés à l'origine dans InDesign, à condition qu'ils soient enregistrés au format .IDML à partir d'InDesign au lieu du format standard .INDD, qui n'est pas compatible. Le guide d'aide ci-dessous fournit une vue d'ensemble des formats de fichiers pris en charge dans Publisher. 🙂 https://affinity.help/publisher2/fr.lproj/pages/Appendix/fileformat.html
  16. Hi @Myke, In my test I'm not seeing a way to match the Inner Bevel radius (and profile) set to the 25% object corner radius unfortunately, but it might help if you could upload a sample file or a small section of your file from your screenshot so we can see what specific measurements you're working with.
  17. Welcome to the forums @AnnieBro, This is a known iPad 2.3 bug currently logged with the developers as a priority and will hopefully be fixed soon, I'll bump the existing issue with your report.
  18. A Paragraph style can define both Character and Paragraph properties, however a Character 'type' style cannot control Paragraph properties, so the option is disabled if you set the type to 'Character' since there is no paragraph attributes. Although MikeTO found a bug where it is possible to have this enabled on a character style if it was was originally assigned to paragraph first (info below).
  19. Hi @bbrother, Checking this will show the text style in both the Character and Paragraph Panel style dropdown menus and on the dropdown menus for Text/Paragraph styles on the context toolbar. One use case could be to use the character styling properties only from a particular style without using it's paragraph style properties, for example I could use the 'Bullet 1' default style as my paragraph style to use Bullets & Numbering but use the 'Body' style for my character style properties to separately define the font, colour etc.
  20. Hi @bbrother, Good spot, I've now logged this with the developers. With the Text frame panel being exclusive to Publisher currently the 'Text Frame' panel button should not be listed in Photo/Designer.
  21. Hi @pfi, From the specs outlined in your signature you do meet the minimum requirements to run the app, I can also see that you've already posted in regards to this crashing issue in the thread below: I've since chased this up with my colleague Gareth and he'll get back to you ASAP in your original thread to avoid any confusion/cross posting between the threads.
  22. This issue is logged as a priority so it should hopefully be fixed come the next beta/release, but it's not something that I'd be able to provide a timeframe for I'm afraid.
  23. Hi @k_au, Thanks for the test documents and detailed explanation. The PDF/X1a and PDF/X3 standards prohibit transparency, therefore these images are getting rasterised/flattened on export to opaque images and are upscaled to the DPI set on export similar to if you had rasterised all the image layers and then exported. As a result of this rasterization, they have been converted to CMYK in line with your document profile. PDF/X3 allows for RGB images, whereas PDF/X1a does not, which is why all the images are converted to CMYK in the PDFX1a document. However, in your test document you appear to have found a bug with regards to the Transparent GIF export as this transparency has been maintained despite it being prohibited by these two PDF/X standards, so I'll be getting this issue logged with the developers.
  24. Provided that my footnote body is >2 lines before it splits onto the next I'm seeing that the footnote text flow is updating to the Widow flow option similar to if I did this between two standard text frames on Windows, although it evidently doesn't touch the note reference/text body. The only situation where it doesn't do this is when the line count is 1 as what's shown in OP's screenshot. Disregarding notes If I were to setup two standard text frames, one containing a singular line which flows onto the next If I enable 'Prevent Widowed' nothing happens in this scenario either, I believe this would be a feature request. Before Widowed: After Widowed:
  25. Welcome to the forums @whoanders, Looks like a couple of users have ran into this problem before with it getting stuck at this load stage (Thread below). Here's what I'd suggest doing first to reset your local user settings folder: Close all affinity apps Press Win + R to bring up run and enter the following: %APPDATA% Dependant on how you originally installed the app (.MSIX or .EXE) there will be an .Affinity or Affinity folder in here, rename this folder and append it to have 'OLD' on the end of the folder name, E.G '.Affinity.old' Try launching the app regularly again If it still fails, try the following to clear the account data and re-activate: Close all affinity apps Hold down CTRL and launch Photo 2 while still holding CTRL A 'Clear user data' menu should appear, tick 'Reset account data' and 'De-activate affinity 2 apps' at the bottom The app will now hopefully launch, sign in with your credentials to activate it again and then see if the app can be launched normally. Hopefully you'll then be able to activate to sign in, but if it fails try the above again, but instead run it as admin while holding down CTRL and repeat the steps, and then try opening it normally again. If you're still having trouble, dependant on how you installed the app originally uninstall it and then re-install it using the alternative installer method from the link below (Large Blue download button is for the MSIX, smaller link below it is for .EXE installer) as it looked like this resolved it in the previous thread, but it had to be launched as admin initially. https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/2/ Let me know how it goes. Old thread:
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