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  1. Find https://typefaceapp.com/ is good and reasonable price
  2. Wallop! Crash again, this time adjusting a jpeg in Photo persona. Would I do better with 1.7.2? Don't really want to get back on the Beta treadmill.
  3. I've been using Publisher since the early betas and found it pretty stable but now (Mac 1.7.1) been having a few problems: (1) Program becomes unresponsive after pasting in text from Pages, can't pick up text frame and then spinning ball. (2) Can't remember doing anything other than importing an image, but program becomes unresponsive as above and spinning ball. Worse, file will not open (program just quits, no message) so praise the Lord for Time Machine, though quite a lot of editing lost. Different documents, both fairly simple A5. Also file size seems a tad large, up to 64Mb for an A5 8-pager. This on a 2012 27-inch iMac with 16Gb of ram. Any ideas appreciated.
  4. I used Draw a lot in the olden days on pc and it was ace at corrupting files you'd spent ages working, on so never want to see it again! I'll stick with Designer, thank you.
  5. Thanks very much, look forward to that. It is already an excellent program, well worth the wait!
  6. Old style figures from (eg) recent versions of Adobe Garamond and Jenson set perfectly correctly in text, but when I use the old style figure option for page numbers they letter space widely whatever the alignment. If I use an old-fashioned font with a separate small caps file they seem ok. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Yes, this is quite amazing for a Beta, very impressive indeed, thank you. It may not do .idml but has a really good crack at .pdf files.
  8. Thank you; I'll stop looking for it! One for my wish list though.
  9. Apologies, this has almost certainly been covered, but I can't find the answer: When I rotate using the crop tool in Photoshop it automatically crops the original image area (i.e. no out of frame pixels) In AP I have to manually crop down, i.e. the image is rotated to include empty space. I prefer the PS behaviour; have I missed something? Is there a way to replicate it in AP? It would also be good to be able to have a way of using the last-used crop ratios (almost always original ratio for me) as in PS. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Thanks, that does the trick on the move tool (I still think that artboard and move aren't the two tools I'd nest by default.) As to the other, you go file>open> choose your file and nothing happens until third go, but sounds like you're on the case. Hope the weather in Lisbon is cheerier than in England!
  11. What am i doing wrong? Two things that I'm finding a bit tricky! 1) It generally takes three goes to open a file; the first two attempts just do nothing. Worst in Photo but also sometimes Designer. 2) The Select/Move tool and Artboard tool flyout. I generally use the artboard tool once at the start of a project, but use the Move tool every few seconds, so find their combination very awkward, particularly when working with text, when use of the V shortcut has regrettable effects. is there anything I can do about this? Thanks Tony PS 2012 iMac 27in with 16gb ram
  12. Ah, that made me check the bitmap again. It had a very slight feathered fringe to it, just enough to show up on the pdf as a line. Trimmed the fringe, and it's gone. I'm really sorry to have wasted your time; hope you have a good weekend off. Thanks tony
  13. Thanks for being so quick; that's not quite what I meant. If you look at the attachment I've put a pink ring round the corner of the line that's showing up (on a screenshot), but I don't think should be there. box bug.afphoto
  14. It's here, I hope: the containing frame of the cut out image (the crib scene) shows up on a pdf, when I'd rather it didn't. Thanks Tony PS I forgot to say, great programme and looking forward to publisher! carols.afdesign
  15. I'm having a bit of difficulty with an imported afphoto file, against a solid background with a grain effect; the containing frame shows on a print pdf, faintly. The image is a cut-out on a transparent background. Any ideas? This seems to occur both in designer and the beta. Thanks
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