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  1. that looks an incorrect behaviour to me, what other options i have to export the design in vectorial quality preserving the colors after adding the adjustment leyers?
  2. how that makes any sense? i mean, its a vector software, i want save it in a export format that allows me to keep the perfect quality, what other option i have that works?
  3. thats correct, i have to set it to "nothing" otherwise its all pixelated on zoom, not a vectorized pdf. why it ignores the level adjustments is the mistery, also its a mistery on why it makes it all pixelated even when i select "unsuported propieties", witch should be something for images, not the vectors, and there is no image, however everything is still pixelated,
  4. zoom your file, its all pixelated on zoom, dont know why, there is not image to rasterize, thats why when exporting you must select also the "nothing" option, and maybe you get a wrong color result too
  5. the sample i upload is already selecting that option, doesn't works to me,
  6. i have a design, i export it to pdf and when its exported the color is not the same as the selected, maybe someone can find why? I upload the project + the pdf https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GiomiqoPxmwbKykOX_F4mKGS40Ti5adD
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