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  1. Hi @Geomaxi welcome to the forums, Is it possible that you're using a Paragraph Style on your text that has 'Align to Baseline Grid' unchecked?
  2. Hi @Richard Mlynarik, I've just opened your SVG in both Designer and Illustrator to the same result with a 0 stroke width, I can see with text editor it does have a stroke width assigned to each curve however something may be interfering with this. What is the source of the SVG file, what app was it created in?
  3. Hi @NotMyFault, Could you upload your sample file so we can look into this further? πŸ™‚ Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/m52JCCjedZng0UXgQWt6
  4. Hi @GregV, How do the perspective handles appear when you use the tool prior to applying? Do you have any screenshots or a sample file? You can change the Shear degrees in the Transform panel or with the view tool selected move your cursor below the top rotation handle.
  5. I've raised this with the team, If you're able to identify a workflow which results in this consistently happening on a file let me know.
  6. Thanks, this does indicate the correct layer is being selected, problem is I can't replicate this. When I create a new text layer and immediately move it it solely moves the text layer. - If you were to create a new document and set this up does the same issue occur? - If the layer was de-selected and selected again, does it always select correctly?
  7. Whilst you do have the text layer highlighted in the panel, this doesn't stop you from moving other layers within the stack. It’s difficult to tell without the click press notifier on the recording whether or not the orange rectangle layer was clicked first or the text layer, however when your cursor begins to drag it does so from the centre of orange rectangle layer.
  8. Just from watching your video frame by frame, within the last few seconds from 0:23, your newly created text frame is highlighted within the panel, however your selected/dragged object appears to be the orange rectangle that was just above the text layer which then results in this object being moved instead of the text. Is it possible this layer was just inadvertently dragged instead of the text frame?
  9. Hi @PeterGregg welcome to the forums, This is a canvas re-draw issue that has been previously logged with the developers. πŸ™‚
  10. Hi @Arvin J welcome to the forums, I would initially suggest disabling Hardware Acceleration (The Last Checkbox) and Setting the Display setting to OpenGL/OpenGL(Basic) under Preferences > Performance and seeing if this reduces the beachballs after restarting. If the problem persists after changing these settings, some users have found that disabling Automatic Brightness under Mac System Preferences > Display has resolved this.
  11. Apologies on the late reply, thanks for uploading these. After a bit of trial and error I believe this is related to the Live Curves adjustment on the .afphoto files, as soon as this curves adjustment is merged down in Photo, it appears identically to the JPG on the PDF export. I'm just in the process of confirming if this has been previously logged.
  12. Hi @Grzmocislaw Welcome to the forums, As far as i'm aware there isn't a way to automatically mask out the background as you have described as this would require some combination of selection and refinement to perform, hopefully some other users may have some alternative workflows suggestions. πŸ™‚
  13. Very strange, If you do happen to encounter this issue again, I would be grateful if you could save the document so I can replicate it and log it with the developers. πŸ™‚
  14. Hi @mpureka, If you're able to provide us with a screen recording demonstrating the workflow up to the crash as well as the file itself this will be beneficial in investigating this further, as well as a recent crash report πŸ™‚ Private dropbox link for uploading: https://www.dropbox.com/request/MpHlcFvctvuzJlTrjEfG
  15. Hi @Ben.kendamalondon, If you're still experiencing the issue with crashing I would initially suggest going through a force restart of your iPad to clear the Cache, the below thread details how to do this. If you're still having issues after following this, could you provide us with a crash report? the below thread details how to find these.
  16. Hi @Bryan Rieger, I've not had much luck replicating this on a 5th Generation Mini, Following your exact workflow when I select the move tool with my text Highlighted > Change Colour in the Text Panel > tap on the canvas the colour applied to my text is retained without an issue every time i've tried. Which model iPad are you using? Does this occur on new documents?
  17. Hi @John-B, I've not been able to replicate this using separated mode after Pressing 'Dont Save' as the Window which contained my file is completely closed and i'm left with the toolbars and panels only, what version of MacOS are you running? Is Photo on v1.10.5? If you could upload a screen recording demonstrating the issue that would also be beneficial πŸ™‚.
  18. Hi @Revanian Definitely would have expected this to happen with Large UI text instead of Default, either way i've now logged this with the developers for resolution πŸ™‚
  19. Hi @bestvibration, Happy to hear it's working on a new user πŸ™‚ I've linked the forum thread below which details a list of known third party apps that could be causing issues.
  20. Hi @tersmuse, Further to Bryan's post, you can ensure that 'From Centre' will be unchecked as default when using this tool on future documents by unchecking this option and going to Edit > Defaults > Save. πŸ™‚
  21. As far as I'm aware you're only able to tick the aforementioned Paragraph/Character style options to default only since this sets the default Para/Text style when a new text frame is created in a document. It's possible that the other Clear/Preserve options were prevented from being set as default since they wouldn't be relevant to a completely empty text frame which this Default override/Check is intended for. Agreed, the help notes are not entirely clear about this, I'll raise this back here. I've been able to ensure this check mark stays persistently as my default style by following the below: Creating a New Document With the text frame tool selected but no layers highlighted, I right clicked a text style and set it to Apply 'Bullet 1' to Paragraphs As I draw out multiple text frames, they all retain the default 'Bullet 1' paragraph style.
  22. Have you tried the previously mentioned app reset to it's default settings? Instructions are below.
  23. Hi @JohnRobert welcome to the forums, You're only able to set tick the 'Apply <Text Style> to Paragraphs' and 'Apply <Text Style> to Characters' within this menu as defaults as these are the only options that apply when you are creating a new text frame, it wouldn't be logical to be able to tick the other options as default within this menu since they wouldn't apply to a new empty text frame since there wouldn't be any pre-existing local formatting.
  24. Hi @Laura Ess, Regarding your second issue, I've not found any issues with this on a later Windows 10 build, are you finding this happens when rebooting your PC or even just closing the app normally and re-opening it?
  25. Hi @AntiqueFlaneur, To see if we can re-produce this problem, could you send over your .afdesign file and linked resources prior to exporting to PDF? Additionally, could you confirm if you're PDF export settings were the 'For Print' Preset as shown in the previous thread? I've linked a private drop box below if you wish to upload the files there. https://www.dropbox.com/request/zdW1rhz4g36tMVEnMLEp
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