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  1. Pelas suas gravações, parece tratar-se apenas de um tempo de carregamento mais lento e de uma falta de resposta temporária, em vez de a aplicação falhar e fechar, o que pode ser causado por uma limitação de hardware, mas sugiro que tente o seguinte: Se utilizou o instalador MSIX predefinido para o Designer, pode desinstalá-lo através de Definições do Windows > Aplicações instaladas e, em seguida, reinstalar a versão EXE/MSI da aplicação disponível na ligação de transferência abaixo; alguns utilizadores relataram um aumento do desempenho geral da aplicação. Certifique-se de que descarrega esta versão através do botão de descarregamento "Também disponível: EXE" e não o botão de transferência azul maior acima dele. https://store.serif.com/pt-br/update/windows/designer/2/
  2. Olá @Andreym Se se tratar apenas de um problema com o arranque/responsividade da aplicação que ocorreu recentemente, sugiro que reinicie a sua aplicação Designer e desactive a aceleração de hardware em simultâneo, seguindo as instruções abaixo: 1. Feche todas as aplicações do Affinity 2. Mantenha premida a tecla CTRL e inicie o Designer 2 enquanto mantém premida a tecla CTRL 3. Aparecerá um menu "Limpar dados do utilizador", assinale todas as caixas (exceto desativar na parte inferior) 4. Prima "Limpar" e a aplicação de reposição será iniciada. Se o problema persistir, pode abrir o gestor de tarefas do Windows ao mesmo tempo que a aplicação está a carregar e verificar o separador "Desempenho" para ver se está a ser limitado pelo hardware?
  3. Thanks, since you've got the app to crash on 'Libstory.dll' i'm wondering if there perhaps is a crash that could be replicated from your document when removing a certain set of pages, if you were to go in and delete the same set of pages again, does the same crash occur? If so, could you possibly provide a screen recording demonstrating this? I've provided a link to the screen recording FAQ below. Many thanks
  4. Hi @Gigiga, This issue is still outstanding internally unfortunately, I've now updated the issue to reflect that it still affects the current version and bumped it with your report. If there are any further updates on the issue this thread is tagged so the Serif Info Bot will automatically reply with additional info.
  5. Thanks, if it's not producing any crash reports then it sounds more like the app is going into an unresponsive or frozen state when you are deleting pages, and the app is subsequently being manually force closed rather than crashing on it's own. With both docs open in Publisher I've not been able to re-produce any crash or app hang on any device so far, even when deleting hundreds of pages at once it only took a few seconds. With the documents being this large they are quite RAM heavy, I'd recommend trying the below: - Reboot your device and limit the number of background apps you have open to only Publisher, and then open one of these documents and after a minute try removing a few pages. - Disable the Hardware Acceleration checkbox under Edit > Preferences > Performance, once unticked close the interface and restart when prompted to before trying again. - If the app still freezes following a page delete, open Windows Task Manager and check your current Memory usage level in the Performance tab to see if it's at/near maximum, and leave the app a few minutes to see if it recovers and deletes the page.
  6. Hi @Ruyton, Thanks for sending over the files, I'm in the process of discussing your problem with one of our product experts internally, but we've found that when stacking the existing 115 FITS we're not getting a good result due to the number of hot pixels which Photo is interpreting as stars, resulting in much of the image content being lost during the alignment process. This is resulting in a drastically different final image to what's shown in your original screenshot. Are there any calibration frames (Dark, Bias etc.) that you may have missed in the .ZIP file you provided to us? Thanks
  7. Welcome to the forums @Gorgons Grimoire, When this occurs are you attempting to delete multiple pages simultaneously, and if so does the same crash happen when it's just individual pages that are deleted? Additionally, could you provide a copy of a document where you've encountered this to see if it can be replicated, along with a recent crash report file from when this last occurred? The FAQ below details how to find crash reports. If you do not wish to share the .afpub file publicly I have provided a private upload link below. Upload link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/eoHvOForDhVupVvvZ0hL Many thanks
  8. Welcome to the forums @Ronna, If you're on Windows I would initially suggest going into the 'Rasterise' menu in the print dialog and then checking the 'Rasterise entire page' box and then printing to confirm if the image then prints correctly. Failing that, could you advise which MacOS or Windows version you're currently using and provide a copy of the document saved as an .afphoto file? Many thanks
  9. Hey @joe_l, There does evidently appear to be problems with the app calculating the overlap pages for tiled printing past a certain point, In this example of the A3 doc printing on A4 sheets it can't work out what to do if you set the overlap to a value that's equal to or greater than 210mm (The width of A4) so it just displays '1/0' like in your earlier screenshot. For comparison, on Mac the page preview just goes blank when the overlap is set to 210mm, I'll get this logged up with the developers and also reference it appears to ignore margins/borderless print settings for tiled printing.
  10. A similar query to this has been raised a while back in the thread linked below, I believe this is because the iPad also uses a Retina display so the same logic applies that MattP has outlined in the thread when trying to match your document to 'Actual size'.
  11. Welcome to the forums @iamasmith, If I have interpreted correctly - there's not that i'm aware of using isolation mode since the function only works on a per group/object basis, so if I had my top container layer with objects hidden and a sub group nested into that container layer, I could use the the Alt/Opt + click to go into isolation mode on that group to reveal it again, but I couldn't then 'Expand' on my isolation selection to also include/reveal that top hidden layer.
  12. Hi @Seneca, Many thanks for the sample file and recording, I've now reproduced the problem and logged it with the developers.
  13. Hi @Ruyton, Could we take a look at the FITS files you're using for the stack? We can then look into what options may be available. Since the files are likely to be too large to upload to the forums I've included a private upload link below. https://www.dropbox.com/request/ZacuMSd7FHR9bmIRL4cP Many thanks
  14. In the Snapping settings menu, disable 'Show Snapping Candidates' or change the Candidates dropdown to an option which isn't 'Candidate list'. https://affinity.help/designer2ipad/English.lproj/pages/DesignAids/snapping.html What three modes are you referring to? If it's the node snapping options (The magnet icon on the left hand side of the context toolbar) this only ever has 'Snap to Geometry' enabled by default for me, I can turn on the other node snapping modes which will persist as on for the remainder of my app session If I create new documents, and when I restart the app it just defaults to 'Snap to Geometry' again. It doesn't look like the default can be changed currently.
  15. Hi @Villebon, Develop persona Gradient overlay can't be erased/subtracted from as it stands, the overlay erase tool will only work on brush overlays. This will be to preserve the editability of the Gradient overlay, allowing you to adjust the gradient's position later on. If you switch over to the Photo persona this will allow more finite control over gradients via the use of gradient mask layers in conjunction with adjustments.
  16. Hi @Gianni Becattini, Thanks for following up and clarifying on my queries. I've just made up a few test documents for this scenario. I opened the same image in Photo and applied the same adjustments used in your screenshot, with the only difference being the position of those adjustments in the layer stack, one file had them above the pixel layer, and the second file had the adjustments nested into the image as child layers. After saving them out both .afphoto files had a file size of 268MB. I then created a new afpub doc and placed the first .afphoto file with the adjustments above it in the stack as a linked resource, I then exported to PDF using the (For export) preset. I then replaced that .afphoto file with my second one which had the adjustments nested inside the pixel layer and repeated the export using the same (for export) preset After comparing the file sizes of the two PDF's they were identical at 235MB, even down to the KB. It could be that there are other variables here not taken into account in my test documents, so if you could upload an .afphoto file and .afpub file where you're encountered this problem I can then confirm if the problem can be reproduced, and in addition if you could send me a screenshot of your PDF export settings for consistency that would be great. Thanks!
  17. Hi @Fcunhaster, After placing the .afdesign file into your publisher doc, with the resource still selected change the 'Page Box' setting to 'Bleedbox' along the context toolbar. 🙂 https://affinity.help/publisher2/English.lproj/pages/Media/placeImages.html
  18. Hi @BornInPastCentury, This is an bug that has been previously logged with the developers with blend options on adjustments getting ignored when a mask is present, I'll update the existing issue to reflect that it still affects the latest version and bump it with your report.
  19. Hi @Patrick Bell, Assuming you're on Windows since you've referred to an .EXE file it's likely you have installed Photo via the default MSIX installer, this is a sandboxed app and requires linking the third party app to the 'Aflaunch.exe' execution alias file found in the forum post below to get Lightroom to launch the app. Although, I'd recommend removing the MSIX version of the app and instead installing the .EXE version (also referred to as the .MSI installer) of the app, this version isn't sandboxed and allows you to designate a custom installation folder, which third party apps such as Lightroom can then be linked directly to the app's .EXE file without the need of the aflaunch.exe file, you can find instructions for downloading the .EXE version linked below
  20. Hi @Gianni Becattini, Are these adjustment layers nested/clipped onto the images within the .afpub document, or are they in an .afphoto file that has been placed as a resource in your .afpub file? I'm guessing that you're referring to the images being nested/clipped onto the image file when you say they're 'under it'? As otherwise the adjustment layers would have no affect on the image if they were lower in the layer stack/hierarchy than the actual pixel image. Without looking at your source .afpub document and images/afphoto files it's difficult to say exactly what's happening or if there's a bug. Could you possibly send me a copy of your .afpub file, along with a few of the .afphoto resources so we can look into this further? It doesn't have to be the entire file, just a cut down version or a singular page where we can observe what's happening with the file size when exporting to PDF dependant on the adjustment layer position. I've included a private upload link below. https://www.dropbox.com/request/kxNTWTPqRvRbxtLwZBbj Many thanks 🙂
  21. If you follow my previous instructions this should leave you with a heart shape which has been split into two separate left and right half curves, at which point you can freely transform them separately to pull them apart or rotate and position them as needed.
  22. Thanks for sending over the .ZIP, I can also confirm that your .ZIP file is corrupted. 7-ZIP reports numerous Data and CRC failed errors, and what it is able to extract is damaged and unusable. As this brush pack isn't provided by us but by a third party and the issue is with the .ZIP file completely external to the app I can only really suggest getting in contact with the creator and seeing if they're able to provide you with an alternative download link for the brush pack if the existing link only downloads a corrupted version.
  23. What happens when you try and extract the file using 7-Zip, does it display a different error message that you can show us? If you send a copy of the .zip file to the private upload link below I can also confirm if the problem is with the file contents or an issue specific to your device. https://www.dropbox.com/request/IFsQW0T01GW0QUExRuot
  24. Hi @tzvi20, I can see you've already been discussing this in the resources thread below: You appear to be getting a '0x80004005 Unspecified error' during the unzipping process when using the default Windows explorer compression function. Sources online indicate that this is a problem that can occur with the file explorer tool rather than it be a problem with any specific .ZIP file's contents. The most straightforward solution is to use a third party archiver such as WinRAR or 7-ZIP to zip/unzip files instead of the Windows explorer default, so it would be worth trying either of these tools to extract the file with instead. https://www.win-rar.com/start.html?&L=0 https://www.7-zip.org/
  25. Welcome to the forums @FalX, Many thanks for providing detailed steps, I've now replicated this issue and it has now been logged with the developers.
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