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  1. You can see I click on a tutorial at will There is this kind of situation The request timeout But the condition of my network is very good I don't know why And I opened the website like this Is the request timeout Web page display "inaccessible" This means I can't download can watch tutorial I don't know if you have ever encountered such a problem I need your help
  2. Huachee

    coffee break

    Very good design, let me look after you like drink the cup of coffee!
  3. Huachee

    Chinese calligraphy

    Are written in digital plate, Chinese calligraphy, hope you like them.
  4. Huachee

    Chinese calligraphy

    Thank you very much! I will bring you more Chinese culture! I hope you like it!
  5. Huachee

    Chinese calligraphy

    Thank you for your encouragement, I will work harder
  6. Huachee

    Chinese calligraphy

    Thank you for your love, the Japanese font is also an art!
  7. Huachee

    Sports Day

    Wow! It's so cute!
  8. Huachee

    Chinese calligraphy

    Oh! Thank you for your love! I probably don't teach you how to read them, but I can tell you what they mean!
  9. Huachee

    From China's style

    Hi, everybody~ I am a Chinese girl, I am twenty years of age. But, my English is not very good, hope your can be more inclusive. In September, I will be at the university of grade three. In school I major in animation, the software is MAYA. The usual spare time, I taught myself photoshop. Because I love the movie posters, I feel very magical and interesting. July day, inadvertently I opened the APP STORE. I found this Affinity Photo, I looked into its official website, its function after the introduction, I am crazy in love with it. Next, you can see posters, Is I use Affinity Photo to make the " China's style", the style of poster, With us Chinese traditional elements, Hope you enjoy it. Then, China now at 12 o 'clock in the evening. I'm going to do a sweet dream.
  10. Huachee

    Dream Gradients

    Looking good!
  11. Huachee

    First Attempt At Styles

    Looking good!
  12. Huachee

    Wood Styles

  13. Huachee

    From China's style

    Of course! Yes, he is jay Chou. "Blue and white porcelain" is a Chinese song!
  14. Huachee

    Pop up Banner design

    eejits,Your design is too interesting! The color of the brain is applied, the witty creative style! Is so wonderful!
  15. Huachee

    From China's style

    Yes,Girls are we dress up in ancient China, traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women They are very charming?
  16. Huachee

    From China's style

    Hi, Framelynx, thank you! I think you are a poster design more bold, colour is applied more mysterious, You are my learning goals. Thank you for your encouragement, I will continue to work hard. To bring more Chinese traditional elements of the design. I hope that we can make progress together.
  17. Huachee

    From China's style

    Yes, thank you, I will continue to work hard!
  18. Huachee

    From China's style

    "Affinity" translated into Chinese, can be said to be close, kind, So write in Chinese,“亲和力”。
  19. Huachee

    From China's style

    Hi, Peter, thank you! Let I met such a great artist! I'm through the search engines to know his life, is one of the great artists! And chat with you really very happy, your knowledge is too rich! After 80/90, in our China, has a name called singer jay Chou, Let us crazy in love with him. He began to be engaged in the work of music in 2000, has been 15 years, he is still very popular. And he also plays the piano very good! He also appeared on the cover of time magazine! https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Chou Finally, 《Les Concerts en Chine 》 is really cool!
  20. Huachee

    Floating....composition attempt with AP

    It's interesting! Thank you for your share!
  21. Huachee

    Epic Dark Phoenix - Affinity Photo Composition

    Framelynx,HI! I very like your work, Much like Hollywood style movie poster, Is really very magical and interesting! Hope to see you more work!
  22. Huachee

    From China's style

    Oh! Thank you like my design! I like to use different colors to match the different design style. Also like to use the picture of the different materials, made a very interesting poster design. Bokeh-like?Wow! The word is too professional! I will continue to work hard! Thank you very much!
  23. Huachee

    From China's style

    Thank you, I will continue to work hard!
  24. Huachee

    From China's style

    Wow, thank you like my design! I think you offer very good, although I've never done it. I think can have a try, if the finished product to come, I will upload photos to share with everyone to see! Thank you, Peter.