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    Koshpeli got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Creating a new textbox makes text tiny for no reason!   
    It came from the original document. I created those text frames the same way. I'm sorry I didn't video record myself doing so as I thought just saying that's what happened would suffice. Thank you for saying it's not my fault. The program shouldn't be creating scaled text frames by default. I'm glad the problem is finally acknowledged. that's all I wanted!
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    Koshpeli got a reaction from Old Bruce in Creating a new textbox makes text tiny for no reason!   
    This is excellent practice! This has nothing to do with my problem as the document has no styles and I cut and pasted from the same file. I try to import text from MS word that has NO style actually but sometimes I do keep H1 and H2 in (and obviously normal). I actually delete all of Publisher's defined styles, create my own in Publisher and replace the MS Word styles personally so I don't get confused. All for using Publisher-defined or created styles! 
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    Koshpeli reacted to stokerg in Creating a new textbox makes text tiny for no reason!   
    Hi @Koshpeli,
    Our QA have had a look at this and this was caused by the frame being rescaled at some point. 
    We do have this logged with the Dev team, as at the moment there is no way to see when scaling has been applied or a way to reset it.
    I've updated the report with a link back to this thread, so we can update here when it's been resolved  
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    Koshpeli got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Creating a new textbox makes text tiny for no reason!   
    Yes, I created the 2 page document extracted from the longer document to show that it was happening. But I knew if I shared the short document, they'd be like "Oh well obviously the original document contains the error and there's no way we can solve it for you!"
    I see that it is happening for lots of people. I googled and found several posts about this. However the team of so-called experts tend to try to explain it away. I made the video in response to a thread on a Mac forum (then realized my mistake and moved it here), Someone had written "You still haven't provided proof like a video that this is happening." Most people don't have screencasting software I suspect. I think this is more widespread than you think but we all get silenced by these alleged experts. I hope you will rethink your bug reporting process. I figured if I said "Well I extracted t
    For fun I selected all the text that was meaningful and tried to cut and pasted lorem ipsum over it and Messed up 2 is the result. Now text that was normal is huge, text that was small is normal. This is something that happens relatively frequently. Normally I manually switch it all back or delete and start over and assume it's just I paid so little for a program, you'd expect glitches (this is normally what people on tech forums tell me about various programs), but I figured I'd give it a shot once. 
    Messed up2.afpub Messed up.afpub
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    Koshpeli reacted to Gabe in Saving Reverts Changes   
    Hi both,
    This is not really a bug. You're not applying the transform, so expecting the effect to get applied is not the best practice. Either Apply or click outside the box, then Save. 
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    Koshpeli reacted to HarryW in Unlock or override item from master page   
    I am constantly unlocking items and need this feature in Publisher. With InDesign, I can unlock master page items two ways: I can unlock all guides on a page at once from the Pages panel; or, Command plus shift and click on the locked item with the index (black arrow tool).
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    Koshpeli got a reaction from walt.farrell in Saving Reverts Changes   
    Yes, it is possible it reverts to Cancel sometimes and not other times. I usually don't bother to press Apply and have never had problems, but maybe I need to get into the habit.

    I just had it happen again so I paid attention, and I noted that the APPLY button greyed out after I pressed Ctrl = S and the changes reverted too. I had to hit cancel, reopen Alignment, re-align, and then I did press Apply and it worked.
    EDIT: And I just had it happen again, so for fun I just kept reapplying and saving until it worked, without hitting Cancel  So it's a bit moody, but not the end of the world, if I need to hit APPLY. Was just hoping not to, so I can bang through and fix my mistakes

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    Koshpeli reacted to EmanueL-AT in Can't save affinity files after downloading 1.10.0   
    I can confirm the reports about the "save" problem in 1.10.
    I couldn't determine a specific situation or action causing that problem. It's not reproducible, it seems to happen quite at random. It keeps happening erratically, sometimes after few minutes, sometimes after half an hour or after an hour.
    My workaround for the moment is pressing <Ctrl>-<S> every few moments in order to avoid losing too much work.
    At least I can continue editing the document when the error occurs, so I can copy texts I have changed meanwhile. I can also export the file to PDF.
    I ran into that error when I edited a document I had been working on in Publisher 1.9. I created a new file in 1.10 and copied some text and images from the 1.9 afpub to the new 1.10 afpub. I thought this might solve the problem but it didn't.
    For now I will go on with saving regularly. I hope there will be a fix soon, alternatively I'll go back to 1.9 which was working flawlessly.
    (Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1110, Core i5-6600, 8 GB RAM)
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    Koshpeli reacted to Daydream Daisy in Can't save affinity files after downloading 1.10.0   
    I'm getting exactly the same message when trying to save today. I keep going back to a previous version of the same document and it only let's me make a few amendments on one page and then comes up with the same internal error message when I try to save it. Keep me updated once there's a fix for it.
    Many thanks.
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