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  1. I just finished publishing our Photo Club's quarterly newsletter using APub.... yeah yeah I know... it's beta and don't trust beta, right! But, it worked! The difference between the old version of this newsletter and the new one using APub is like night and day... and everyone noticed how much of an improvement there was. The only questions I got were from the ones who tried to click on some tips (hyperlinked) that had previously lead to web sites in previous newsletters produced in a WP. Yes, I have a need for hyperlinks and no I don't want to have to use an external editor to accomplish that task, not only with this newsletter but with sports manuals as well. APub is one of the cleanest Beta's I've come across. Like many others I eagerly awaited its arrival and like only some I seem to have understood that it is a work in progress. I do hope the progress includes hyperlinks... ... and pop-ups. In a graphic oriented publication like a Photo Newsletter or online Magazine I would like to see a hyperlink to a pop-up window such that when a photo is clicked in the publication it brings up a full screen (or sized window) of that image for better viewing.
  2. thanks Walt... so from what I can see it was probably because of the font Trebuchet + having Standard Ligature turned on that caused the fi to be blended into one character. This wouldn't necessarily happen with other fonts though if they don't have an extended character set, which I also suspect Trebuchet has.
  3. Thanks Walt... I checked in Character -> Typography and the fi was highlighted which I suspect means Standard Ligatures was then set to "on"? I've turned it off for now so will check on next run through.
  4. I'm testing Publisher with a photography newsletter and two of my proofreaders immediately noticed that when a word contained the letters f and i together. When they viewed the low res copy I sent them for editing the i was always missing. I had been using Trebuchet as the font so I'm not sure if this is an issue when using that font only or with all low res exports from AP. On screen it is a very tight fit between the f and i as well so a simple 1% kerning between letters cleared that up nicely. In any case I attempted to do a find and replace of all fi combos and replace it with a copied fi that had been kerned 1%. No go! In this case I used the panel of found fi's within the search list to fix them all, but for a longer than 18 page issue of publication I am hoping this is just something I'm missing out on, or at least can find an alternate way of fixing the kerning globally in cases like this. BTW... I know the Beta comes with warnings about being a beta and tester beware... but I have full faith in Affinity and blazed away regardless.... with the result being the most polished newsletter our club has ever produced... thanks to Affinity! No real issues throughout until I came to the f i issue... again, that may be me and not AP. Suggestions?
  5. +1 I produce several Photography Club newsletters and have been very pleased to far with how smooth Publisher has been so far. A few minutes ago I started to work on some pages that normally have hyperlinks and thought... oh, oh, I don't see any tools to make this happen. So off to this forum we went... only to find that it may not be a feature yet? Having Hyperlinking is essential both for our own business and for any documents, flyers, interactive brochures, and yes... newsletters. Fingers are crossed that this feature will be added soon! Great work, btw...
  6. I'm really hoping these two options will be included in Publisher: • A layout template for online publications - adaptable and responsive to various mobile devices • An Export feature that will easily allow multiple types of options - ePub, pdf, iBook, Kindle etc from the one original layout The last "Real" Page Layout program I used was (years ago) Ready, Set Go (also known as Design Studio at one time). It was a powerful app that allowed me to produce both single page product as well as larger 200+ page manuals.annuals. It's learning curve was so much better than either of the big two at the time (Quark, Pagemaker) and visually it was easier to use as well. From what I have seen so far in your teaser screens I can now say I am now looking forward to the release of Publisher more than ever... and anticipate being one of the early Beta testers.
  7. LetraSet was the original developer of Ready, Set, Go! from what I remember. The next incarnation was called Design Studio but when LetraSet went belly-up so too did Design Studio... eventually, like the Phoenix, the app re-emerged (out of England, I believe) as Ready, Set, Go! again. There was something missing, however, in the resurrection and we had moved on to different curriculum (web design, video) and DTP took a back seat. In all cases RSG! and DS were a full fledged DTP apps... They had a shorter learning curve with a more Mac-like interface imo than the others DTP apps of the day... less expensive too as I recall. I used RSG! and then DS in a DTP class I taught. On the personal, small business side I also used it to produce, start to finish, a Sports Annual for three years (208/216 page annuals), among other things. As a solo shop I didn't have to be concerned about exporting my files to different platforms. On the importing side, everything just seemed to work... as I expected it would. I'm really hoping Affinity Publisher is as powerful and easy to use as these were decades go... but as I said earlier... I'd love it to be fully integrated with Photo and Designer through the new Affinity Asset Manager (AAM). I don't require or want a cataloguing beast like LR. Something like what Alien Skin offers in terms of asset management (fast browser, search, keywording, rating etc), all within the AAM would be... priceless. Being able to edit a photo or illustration that has already been designed or edited in Affinity Photo or Designer while within Publisher, without leaving Publisher would be even better!
  8. true too... they were the big two back then... but at the time I opted for a easier to use app called Ready, Set, Go! It was at one time considered one of the big three in DTP programs... except, of course, by the QX and APM folks . It was however very full featured and included most if not all of the feature set of the other two. It eventually made it's way back to the UK but sadly drifted off to sleep when "experts" claimed progs like MS Word were equal to the task... even sadder the sheep followed and some very good programs expired along the way. I'm eagerly awaiting Affinity's Publisher and know it will be of the same high quality as Photo and Designer. Being able to seamlessly work within the Affinity environment... with, hopefully, some sort of file management system built into all three apps. IMO it doesn't have to be a full fledged DAM... I've been looking at Exposure X3's (Alien Skin) new file browsing feature in comparison to ON1's and EX3's is much faster and easier to navigate. Fingers are crossed that type of pseudo-DAM is on the way for Affinity in 2018! Imagine: Edit your photos in APhoto, design your logos, ads and such in ADesigner and put it all together in APublisher... all through the wizardry of the AffinityFile system... priceless!
  9. I've also tried: • printing at 104% but that yields unacceptable results. • checked under Document Setup, Retrieve margins from Printer and the LM and RM are 72 pts and the TM and BM are 96 pts... is this the problem and if so how do I fix that?
  10. I'm not looking to print borderless I (I understand this can't be done on a laser printer) however my layout from Affinity Designer is not printing to full scale on my HP CM1415fnw laser printer. It seems the HP has a border preset that causes my printouts of a trifold to come out about 97% of the actual size... and we all know how that will screw up a perfectly decent looking trifold!!! HP is not much help on this, and the manuals are not much good either. I printed from a pdf to a colour copier via thumb drive at a local Staples store here and it came out fine... but I'm trying to save our photo club the 88¢ per copy that would run by printing on my business laser. Blacks are better although the photos are coming out somewhat darker. Is there a setting that I haven't found yet in AD that I can use to bypass the limitations of the HP?
  11. sort of... I have an older iPad (pre-retina) that has peaked at ios9.x... I just picked up a 3TB WD Wireless Pro for a trip and am testing it out now. I shoot exclusively in RAW... and therein lies the problem... sort of... WD's My Passport SW does not allow you to view RAW files... all it shows is the wonderful ? icon... so if you want to do any editing all I can figure out so far is to check out in your camera (before you take out your SD card) to see which ones you will want to edit, write down the file names and then once in WD My Passport do as MEB suggested above... "Open in..."... I can't use Affinity Photo for iPad... yet (soon with new iPad Pro) but I have followed this process using other iPad software. I can then save the edited photo wherever I want... back to another folder on the Wireless Pro, to iPad Photos app, to any of the available Clouds or to an SSD drive that is connected to the Wireless Pro (which btw is a very very quick transfer) My hope is that with ios11 we will have a full functioning iPad file management system where a lot of this fiddling around becomes unnecessary. In the meantime, but definitely once iOS 11 becomes reality it would be nice if Affinity Photo for iPad had a browse feature that allowed us to scan, cull and then edit the photos we just downloaded to our WD Wireless Pro devices...
  12. I'm interested in any solutions to this thread as well... I've been considering LR for months after getting nobbed with Aperture... bought it a mere month before it was shut down. Bought some learning courses for Aperture, a few workbooks and was about to dive into building my photo collection from yesteryear when the plug was pulled. Had been reeling with the decision as to whether I wanted to get ransomed for the Photographer's Solution (LR & PS) when Affinity came along to the rescue and between AP and ON1 I have no use for PS... but would have been forced to lease it anyway if I really wanted LR. Do I think LR would serve my DAM purposes... certainly! But as I'm not a pro who makes a living from photography I'm not so sure LR is a necessity. What I've come up with and I'm still weighing the pros and cons of the solution is this. • Import RAW (.nef) files through Finder into: Photographs (main photo folder) -> 2015 (current year) -> Travel (could also be Family, Business, NCP [one of my photo clubs], or whatever main category pops up) -> Europe -> River Cruise (yes it was wonderful)... and if I wanted to break it down even further I could break it down by cities or segments of that trip. • Open ON1 Photo10 (Browse mode), locate folder (a few seconds) and voila... instant jpgs of all photos from the trip. ON1 has the fastest viewing on import of any prog I've come across. I then use the star ratings to cull the herd and can even use star rating of 5 (never used for any other photos) to tag any photos i want to delete from the folders. Keywording, copyrighting etc can all take place at this stage just as they would in LR. The biggest difference is that ON1 is not a DAM... I know, this will be a big difference for some, but all I want to do is sort and be able to call up photos by keyword, put them in collections or albums etc and ON1 allows me to do this. • This is where Affinity Photo comes in: RAW editing... after culling the herd in ON1 I then open APhoto and begin to work on photos that I've tagged as needing immediate edits (perhaps as placed in certain collections/albums, or tagged with 1 or 2 star rating). As I am in the initial stages of this process I'm concerned about the lack of compatibility between ON1 and AP but am hopeful this will work. I'd be interested to know if this would work for you, empty mind or where you think it breaks down.
  13. I thought this would be a fairly easy answer as I know there must be many Nikon Raw shooters out there. Did you leave your photos in NEF or convert to DNG and whether it was one or the other did it make a difference in how they were accepted by Affinity Photo?
  14. I'm just about to start moving my DAM to LR and there are some who are suggesting I convert my NEF files to DNG in the process. Others suggest there are reasons not to (image info different after conversion somehow, but I'm not sure if that's heresay or actuality). I am going to be using Affinity Photo as my final editor of choice but would like to know from others here who are using LR for their DAM if it makes a difference if the LR files are NEF or DNG. If it doesn't make a difference I'd probably leave them in NEF as I'm leary about conversion and its potential for file changes.
  15. HI LilleG I just been through a few of the videos over at PhaseOne and the program you linked to certainly looks interesting. Are you using both MediaPro and CaptureOnePro or just MediaPro? I recently bought Affinity Photo here and am looking for a DAM solution for my Raw files but also for some older jpgs.
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