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  1. Thank you Sean P. I have resolved the issue by changing the settings to embed all fonts on export. The problem font was Georgia. Apparently it is a common font but the bold and italic versions don't seem to be on my iPhone. Now I am happy all aspects of the PDF will be previewed correctly on all devices. I attach the PDF anyway. AnGowsvaGwaf2018.pdf
  2. I have discovered this only seems to happen when I export the file for web. Cannot see the correct Italic, bold or bold italic font when viewing on devices without the font on its system.
  3. I have exported a PDF file from an Affinity Publisher Beta project and discovered some of the fonts (i.e. Georgia Bold and Georgia Bold Italic) have not embedded correctly into the file, yet other fonts have. I do not usually have problems with these fonts elsewhere. Are there still issues to sort in the Beta concerning exporting of embedded fonts?
  4. Thank you all. Two finger click on icon works well for me.
  5. As explained in the "Master Pages" tutorial, with MacBook Pro and no mouse, I cannot right click to apply master pages. Not even by holding ctrl key. Is this menu available in an alternative way, or is this a technical glitch?
  6. Could it be made possible to decrease the width of the Pages/Assets window on the left to increase the space of the main canvas? This would be so that each thumbnail spread would be on top of each other.
  7. Could it be possible to place linked PDF files (e.g. adverts created by third parties) without the need to have their embedded fonts on your system to display and export correctly?