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  1. Ah, I have been checking it with EPS version of the image placed. Now it works with PDF, Thank you.
  2. I have no such options whatever I select or don't select in the layers panel. It is clearly missing from my version.
  3. That makes no sense to me because this option I do not have is related to picture frames. I do not have the 'box' options in the context bar whether a picture frame is selected or not.
  4. No, I have the layer selected as you suggest and there are no such context items. The document is also boxed when placing direct without a picture frame. Only with PDF format however. Perhaps this option is not yet available on the Mac version if you are using PC.
  5. Thank you. I have restored default Toolbar. However, even when a picture frame is selected (as in my previous attachment) I still do not have these 'box' options on my context bar.
  6. That would be very useful, but I don't have a lot of things I see on your context bar. Why is my context bar so lacking? I am up-to-date with the beta upgrades. The text wrap icon is also missing from mine since the last upgrade.
  7. When placing a PDF (advert) with bleed and crop marks, Affinity Publisher only places the file as cropped. Is this intentional? This is very unexpected and I can see how it can be useful in some situations. However, It is far more useful to me to have the bleed and crop marks showing. I have only been able to resolve this by converting the file to eps.
  8. Could it be made possible to decrease the width of the Pages/Assets window on the left to increase the space of the main canvas? This would be so that each thumbnail spread would be on top of each other.
  9. Could it be possible to place linked PDF files (e.g. adverts created by third parties) without the need to have their embedded fonts on your system to display and export correctly?
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