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  1. Nxdibbles

    Nikon z7 crashing on opening

    Hi when I try opening raw z7 uncompressed it keeps crashing but opens in other programs. Thanks in advance for any advice given
  2. This is what i am confused about on there site it's say no lower than iPad Air 2 but on the bottom of the store it tells a different story it says it supports more versions
  3. Does the iPad version support editing network shares as I have a western digital wireless passport pro and would be great to edit with out cables offline connected to the wd.
  4. Hi on your offical website it says that it only supports iPad Air 2 and later but on the iOS App Store it says different. I have an iPad 2 mini and wondering if it would work and another question does the iPad version support network shares as well as the cloud as I have a western digital passport wireless pro which is a portable wireless hard drive that can Import sd cards directly and can be accessed I don't if I have to import them into the iPad then transfer them back as they are raw files any explanation is gladly appreciated.