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  1. But when I try this, it doesn't work - painting black and white doesn't affect the mask, only OPACITY. This is different from usual mask behaviour, so I'm a bit puzzled!!
  2. iOS 12.1.4. Nikon Z7 the file is fine - I can import to Photos, open in Pixelmator on iPad and import to desktop apps. It’s just AP on iPad that doesn’t want to play.
  3. Yeah thanks. The camera is supported by Apple and I am using lossless compression. Works with other 3rd party apps so not sure what is the issue with AP. Pretty difficult situation as I am on a long trip and hoped to work on my images on my iPad.
  4. I have seen others with similar problems a while ago but not seen specific fixes nikon NEF files imported into Photos. I want to open inAP but it crashes immediately. File opens fine in eg Pixelmator. Any ideas? thanks!! Jeremy
  5. jeremyrh

    Can’t open a large TIFF file

    Works. Thanks. Happy :-)
  6. I have downloaded a photo to Photos on my iPad. I can open it inside the Photos app and also in other 3rd party apps eg Pixelmator. But when I try to open it in Affinity Photo it opens in Develop persona but with a black screen. What have I done wrong? The file is 285 Mb TIF exported from desktop Photo.
  7. Hi MEB Thanks for your reply. I see that DxO acknowledge that this bug exists but not necessarily that it is a bug in their plugin. I guess as a user what would be great would be for Serif and DxO to work together to fix it. That would have a business benefit to both parties as well as the obvious value to users!!
  8. There is quite a lot of documentation on various Internet sites of bugs relating to the colours when using the DxO Viveza plug in. This is the only one of the DxO plug ins that doesn't work properly but unfortunately it is one of my favourites. I'm sure I'm not the only Photo user who would really love for this bug to be tracked down and fixed! Thanks!!

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