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  1. It's better than nothing, but it's making it unnecessarily difficult to work on projects between platforms.,,
  2. Since v1 and v2 are not intercompatible in any way, why not use a different file extension, or offer the ability to save in the older version of the file format? I use Mac and PC, but I do not use the latest MacOS. I need 32-bit support, so I'm using Mojave forever, and v2 won't let me save files that I can open on my Macs in v1. I definitely understand why there are incompatibilities due to new features and the like, but Adobe has an advantage here - every Adobe app I use allows me to save files in older versions of Adobe's file formats.
  3. In any event, the panels take up way too much space on a low-resolution display. This is one feature Adobe has and Affinity needs.
  4. Just here to add my feedback on this (old) suggestion. I use Affinity's Mac products on some older hardware with super low-res displays - my 13" MBP is only 1280x800; my 11" MBA is only 1366x768. It makes for a cramped UI - vertical collapsing would be super useful.
  5. Thank you! I will definitely play around with this the next time I make a cutting project.
  6. Is there a way to specify the output dimensions when exporting to SVG? I make a lot of SVGs for cutting and engraving, and I've had a terrible time getting my finished project from Designer to other software - the dimensions are always off, and I usually end up having to import the SVG into Illustrator to set the dimensions by inches (or mm) so I can cut/engrave it properly.
  7. Count me as a user who would love EPUB export. I'm working on digitizing a rather large book, and for the time being, InDesign is still the best option for him, because it allows managing both the print and digital versions of the book from one application. He's not a techie, he's an author and an artist, and when you've got non-tech people using software, the fewer applications they have to learn, the better. Amazon just announced they're ending support for MOBI and AZW, and they're finally moving to EPUB. I think supporting this format is more relevant now than ever before because of Amazon's switch. As far as the format: I'm unconvinced it would necessarily be difficult to implement the HTML and CSS serializers to generate an EPUB file. Affinity Publisher documents are highly structured, if you create them properly. That makes it pretty trivial to convert to HTML/CSS - every entity on every page already contains all the information you need to include it in the final EPUB. Designer already supports continuous-flow text, which is what an EPUB requires, since ebook readers have no concept of physical pages (unless you force it, which isn't a good experience for the reader), and paragraph and text styles can readily be converted to CSS styles. If Affinity Designer supported EPUB export, it could be the software print authors turn to for their layout and digitizing needs. It's certainly a lot cheaper than any of Adobe's pricing options.
  8. Okay, so I was trying to rotate the image in the frame, rather than rotating the image itself, so that was definitely wrong. So that mostly fixes my problem, but I still have to spot-check and fix specific pages, so I think there's still a bug to be filed. Thanks for the help!
  9. I originally rotated the images from Windows Explorer: After generating the finished document, I had to rotate the image inside the frame for several images (the example I already screenshotted, and others that were upside down entirely). I'll try again from your example, though.
  10. I haven't run it yet, but when I preview it, it's not rotated properly. Since posting this I've been working on a version with the page itself rotated, and a couple cards which were scanned differently from most are rendering improperly, due to the rotation issue: I did finally run this to see what it gave me, and the images are still wrong. In the below I've rotated the page view 90deg to make it easier to work with the result.
  11. I have a directory of scanned cards: I have a layout in APub that's just an image frame on a page with the margins I need, the end goal being to embed an image on each page. The cards were scanned sideways, and rotated in Windows Explorer, which I belief changes the image's metadata rather than actually opening, rotating, and saving the bitmap itself. It appears APub is ignoring this: Is there a way to set the image rotation, so when I run the data merge on all 64 images, it will be properly rotated? Or do I need to use some other means to rotate the images (something I can do if necessary) first? Also creating this as a bug because I believe APub should respect the rotation data. APhoto opens the images with the proper rotation without issue.
  12. Thanks for the tips. I haven't had a chance to do all the clean driver remove/install stuff, but I disabled hardware acceleration to see what might change, and I definitely think you're on the right track - perf is noticeably better without HW acceleration enabled. That's a pretty good sign it's a driver issue. So I will get to the GPU stuff as soon as I have the time!!
  13. I'm seeing serious perf issues when working with complex files (lots of pages, layers, etc.) For instance, I'm making adjustments to this vector image - a series of 26 straight paths from a center point, with four circle paths. There's also a number of hidden layers in this particular project. When I'm actively working in Publisher and Designer on this project, perf is just terrible: This machine should be able to handle things just fine - I have a 4GHz i7 6700K, 48GB RAM, and a GTX 1080 with 8GB VRAM. This machine generally doesn't have performance problems this bad in other demanding applications (like Adobe's stuff, Office, Visual Studio, etc.) I have hardware acceleration enabled. It's not causing perf problems to the point that the software is unusable, but it does mean there's a noticeable lag between clicks and responses to clicks. I seem to have far fewer problems with the same version ( running on my laptop, which is an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U with 32GB RAM and AMD Radeon GPU, so it might be something going on with my local machine, but I'm unsure what to look at first.
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