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  1. done all those things and nothing helps thanks, utterly rubbish, resizing doesn't work, never happened in any of the three apps in V1
  2. Still not fixed the layers panel Grrrrr ... not loading properly in ALL THREE APPS, dark or light, have to reset the studio every time, with large text the descenders are still cut off, the header tabs are truncated till you click on them beyond irritating, these version are supposed to be an improvement on V1 as for that so called redesigned prefs panel, real dogs dinner ... sadly too late to get my money back, come on serif get your act together Macbook pro 15" retina with Catalina 10.15.7
  3. getting really annoying now and having to reset every time is crap, does it even if I leave the panels to default when I open any of the three apps, nothing to do with scroll bars, have tried the system prefs in all three choices and no difference, got to be a bug ... ???
  4. the blank bar happens in all three apps to be honest, dark or light mode, shouldn't have to reset the studio every time to fix a bug. think I've just paid £ 90 to be a beta guinea pig, half the GUI problems I see should have been fixed before it ever got released, can't believe you didn't see them while you were building it ... descenders vanishing with large type and don't get me started on the prefs panel !!! forgot to mention I'm on Catalina 10.15.7, 15" Retina MacBook pro.
  5. I’m still of the opinion, very sadly, that they either can’t do it or they’re waiting to put it in a paid upgrade version 2, the silence on this massively requested feature is deafening …
  6. Hi MEB, I understand you're not a huge company and I support you every way I can, I have all three apps, bought the Publisher Workbook and have downloaded the latest of all of them this afternoon, which is why I knew the guide color could not be changed, I have converted two of my friends to Affinity away from another company with an A in it's name, Thanks to you I am also free of their stuff Yeh! Just been setting up the workspaces and it's absolutely the dogs B****cks :-) so thanks to you and the team for that. I realise everybody demands different stuff and you can not please them all. I don't want to go on and on so I'll wait patiently as I said but just please try to put it at the top of the most wanted list now this release is out, much more useful than more special effects. Cheers Gary
  7. I asked about guide colour and the ability to save workspaces at the Photography Show 3 years ago. I love Affinity and all three products, so I want them to succeed and be around as long as possible. Many of the latest added features I will never use but Workspaces are really useful, Guides are used all the time and thin blue lines are totally pants ! Sorry just seen MEB reply just as I added this, yes I know you replied so I was super excited for V 1.9. Will wait patiently ...
  8. What happened to being able to change guide colour ?? Apart from being able to save work spaces, guide colour is the one Big thing that many of us wanted fixing. Am I missing something Affinity 1.9 ?
  9. Lots of stuff for them to work on there Stephen, don't know if any of it gets fixed in V 1.9 Guide colour has been on the must have list for over a year or more. Apparently in the beta you can now actually save workspaces with the palettes, requested that at the photoshow two years ago. I love Affinity stuff and I'm sure they will get there, took Adobe years to add some stuff aswell I'm sure they are listening, really want them to succeed, my mac is Adobe freeeeeee
  10. really hard to see thin blue lines, don't understand the delay on this one really
  11. The inability to save workspaces and pallet locations is getting annoying for me, and in separated mode docs opening at weird zoom levels is a real time waster, i'm sure you will get it fixed but I hope that it is not on your pay more for version 2 list ! I have used photo and designer for quite some time now and I love them both, I have told everyone I know about it, and my mac is Adobe free at last so my comments are only meant to get it improved even further, up to now I have had no reason to make any comments on the forum.
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