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  1. A subscription model is nothing more than the compulsion to accept an offer. Eat or die. Every now and then, a paid update in between is no problem if you can decide for yourself whether to accept the offer. (In this point, however, Affinity has let us starve a little too long ... and perhaps itself too).
  2. Was passiert, wenn du "Transparenz schützen" deaktivierst? (What happens if you disable "Transparenz schützen"?)
  3. Sorry. I may have been a little unclear because I am not a native speaker. I meant that there is "the least need for action" on the part of Serif, not "no need for action".
  4. Not me. By the way, I think Affinity Photo is the Application that needs the least action from Serif.
  5. Here's a suggestion: we'll keep nagging here until Serif introduces a subscription model out of sheer desperation.
  6. Right, those were two different things. Means then probably to write a mail to Serif. (?)
  7. I'm almost sure you can just log in to your account and change the email address.
  8. Here is a new modified version of the script. In most cases, you will not need to specify the color profiles. But you will need control over the resolution of the output files. This version is probably a little easier and safer to use: #!/bin/bash username=$USER Help() { # Display Help echo "$0 -- Calls Ghostscript for color separation" echo echo "Syntax: $0 [-d|i|o|h]" echo "options:" echo "d dpi, output resolution (600)" echo "i The input file name (sample.pdf)." echo "o The output file name (sample.tif)." echo "h Print this Help." echo echo "Example: $0 -d 600 -i sample.pdf -o sample.tif" echo } while getopts :d:i:o:h flag do case "${flag}" in d) dpi=${OPTARG};; i) inputfile=${OPTARG};; o) outputfile=${OPTARG};; h) Help exit;; esac done if ! command -v gs &> /dev/null then echo "Ghostscript could not be found" exit else gs \ -sDEVICE=tiffsep \ -dNOPAUSE \ -dBATCH \ -dSAFER \ -r$dpix$dpi \ -sColorConversionStrategy=CMYK \ -dOverrideICC=true \ -dRenderIntent=3 \ -sOutputFile="%08d"$outputfile \ $inputfile fi The PDF/X-4 "sample.pdf" exported from an afpub-document (cmyk) with 2 pages, 2 Pantone colors and overprinting elements results in these 12 TIF files: (The file names of page 3 would accordingly start with 00000003.) Thanks again, especially to @v_kyr ! The script works very reliably and is for the task a good alternative to expensive products.
  9. Thank you, I added my Username in line 3: username=optischeausrichtung and changed -sOutputFile=$outputfile \ to -sOutputFile="%08d"$outputfile \ tested with test.sh -p ISOcoated_v2_300_eci -i input -o out.tif Has worked! (Input filename was "input.pdf", the script writes 5 TIF files per PDF page: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Combined)
  10. Yes, but unfortunately, I did not manage to display the overprint elements correctly this way. The fearless among us can still check their print separations "in a post-Adobe world" with ghostscript in a terminal windows. On a Mac it should be something like this: gs \ -sDEVICE=tiffsep \ -dNOPAUSE \ -dBATCH \ -dSAFER \ -r300x300 \ -sColorConversionStrategy=CMYK \ -dOverrideICC=true \ -dRenderIntent=3 \ -sDefaultCMYKProfile="/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/profiles/[profile].icc" \ -sOutputICCProfile="/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/profiles/[profile].icc" \ -sOutputFile="output"%08d.tif \ [input].pdf Of course, the parameters have to be adjusted individually, especially the paths to the ICC profiles and the filenames in square brackets. If it works, the code is fine in a shell script. Maybe someone with more knowledge can also make the code a bit more elegant. I don't know if this method has been mentioned in the thread yet.
  11. True, but please bear in mind that upgrades are sometimes necessary because people around you are updating and you are sharing files with them. Some people, unfortunately, are only happy when they have the very latest - regardless of whether they need it or not. We've all had that experience with software from California, Washington and elsewhere. On the other hand, I will probably update to version 2.0 immediately. I have clients who will. Furthermore I like what Affinity does and the products are not really expensive, especially in comparison. Side note, independent of the quote: If version 2.0 costs money at some point, no one should complain about it after years of free updates.
  12. Place the .icc file in C:/Windows/System32/Spool/Drivers/Color (Windows) or in ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/profiles (Mac, replace the "~" with your home folder). I would then restart the Application.
  13. My mistake. The function "Baseline" (Set path text baseline offset) from the Context Toolbar was decisive. I had lost track of my experiments.
  14. I have done this one with a monospaced font: (But you are right: it remains a workaround.)
  15. A first workaround: Copy the object to the clipboard, use the text on path tool, paste the object from clipboard, use spaces or objects without color for the space between the objects.
  16. Maybe that is the reason. I use the non-AppStore version for Mac. Unfortunately, I have not found a solution for the main problem. Edit: I suspect this is a program error. How would one report such a guess to Affinity without having to say everything again?
  17. With Affinity Publisher 1.10.1 it is possible ... click on the "…"-Button marked with the red "x".
  18. It would be interesting to know why I could open Nordseher's file without any problems, but he could not. Is there a risk that I will not be able to open my files under certain circumstances either.
  19. Hallo @Nordseher hier (Affinity Publisher Mac Version 1.10.1) lässt sich die Datei problemlos öffnen. Die Titelseite, die Seite 2 und die Rückseite enthalten Bilder, auf den Seiten 2 bis 15 fehlen Bilder und vermutlich auch Texte. Wenn ich irgendwie helfen kann (Datei neu abspeichern, Texte rauskopieren etc.): Einfach Bescheid geben.
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