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  1. This is a sweet deal. Thanks a lot! now i can buy the $400 of add in toys i wanted for $200. if you dont have these programs for sure worth the purchase even at full price. Hard to be a complainer when you could be buying the alternative for $600 per year subscription
  2. tbh love the workbooks and really excited to read and use the new publisher workbook. these gems are serious help alongside the videos provided.
  3. So awesome, will be testing it soon! Excellent work guys looks like loads of great new features
  4. One feature I would like is a way to use pressure with dash line style so that I can create a varied size dash stroke. I am able to pull this off using multiple lines and editing each lines attribute separately but it would be neat to be able to do it all together the same way that you can if you are using the solid line style. Also another idea for the Start / end of the lines would be a pair of scissors. I have a client that likes me doing clip coupons for them on their flyer and they want it to have a scissor icon near the dash line as a micro instruction. Right now, I just end the line
  5. My name is Tom. I have been a 20 year developer using mostly Adobe products in the past. I was out of the field for a few years and have returned recently discovering the Affinity product line as they have reignited my design passion. I am very grateful for the incredible tools provided as well as the top notch tech support for them. I can't wait to see what is next and am right now in deep study trying to learn the inner workings of the current Affinity Suite. I wish I had these same tools available in the past as they would have streamlined some involved past projects. These belong in everyo
  6. I fully agree with this topic. I personally would like the presets to be able to be saved and applied quickly into the non destructive mode as well. It can keep its current function otherwise if you want to simply resample quickly, but in some photos I would like to be able to move the crop window around before final say and to have a quick preset available that I set for the resolution size would be extremely helpful. As it stands right now in I can only use the presets for resamples or ratios. If you try in Unconstrained it is simply grayed out.
  7. Hello, and thank you for making these amazing tools to work with. I am very pleased with my purchase. There is a feature I notice that I am not seeing and it is to know the direction or degrees which a brush is turned. I found how to rotate brushes using the left and right arrow keys. I also found some of the brush customization options by double clicking on the brush in the Studio. If this does not exist, some kind of indicator would be helpful, perhaps on the context toolbar when the paint brush tool is selected. It could be a circular icon with a dot or similar to indicate which w
  8. Also looking forward to Affinity DAM because of working with thousands of images. One of the few reasons I had to hold onto CC subscription was to use Lightroom for cataloging. Also use Capture One Pro for this purpose, but if Affinity offers a native DAM I would be more than happy to use that.
  9. I also searched for this feature in designer. I use it in my designs for clients particularly relating to landscapes and other organic forms that are often already captured in a rasterized form. I hope this feature is added to designer.
  10. Version: Windows 10 - Affinity Photo Description: Develop Persona - Red Eye Removal Crash Steps to Reproduce: 1. Open Affinity Photo. 2. Load a photo with Red in it. 3. Goto File > Personas > Develop 4. Use the red eye removal tool on the red. 5. It seems to vary how many times but if you take the red eye removal tool and run new instances of it over top of the old red eye removal squares, the program will crash unexpectedly. sometimes it is only 2 times, others it has taken 6 or 8 times. It's just a minor not super important bug but found it while messing
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