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  1. I would appreciate it very much too if there would be auto trace in the next V3.
  2. I'm satisfied that the pressure sensitive brushes still are working as they should! This was a serious bug, creating a fat blob at the beginning of each stroke, that made Designer and Photo on iPad unusable for digital drawing until 2021, when it was fixed after much effort.
  3. If they provide a discount for existing customers a 1-2 year frequency would be fine.
  4. Not to people who really like this release. Maybe the rumor isn't true that some YouTubers received the Affinity Suite 2.0 for free for an appropriate review?
  5. Is the brush engine supporting the new Apple pencil hover?
  6. How many years will the old apps still be available in the Apple App Store for existing users? Will they be usable with future macOS and iPadOS versions?
  7. Is there an overview of the new unique innovations included in the Affinity Suite 2.0?
  8. In Europe you usualy buy a 1 year Photoshop + Lightroom subscription code for €89 from Jeff and its wise not to provide billing information to adobe, so the subscription ends automatically until you decide to buy a new subscription on next Black Friday again.
  9. There are many influencers and fanboys hyping this Affinity V2.0 release. They increased the price that it looks like customers get 40% discount. I hope they regret soon not offering a better option for existing customers.
  10. Wise decision not to disappoint the new customers too with a better Black Friday deal.
  11. I guess much less existing customers have already bought the new version than expected.
  12. Not to get nearly the same thing that I already own with new a UI for that price.
  13. Now we see how existing customers are thanked for patience and loyalty. Why not triple the price and offer 70%? What will the future bring? Will the shortcomings be fixed, or will there be a 3.0 version in a year to take more money?
  14. How do I select multiple layers using the Magic Keyboard? Only click, hold and swipe using the trackpad? Why no shift + click?
  15. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, especially to those involved fixing the blob bug, making Affinity Designer for iPad an unique software.
  16. Unbelievable! Thank you, thank you very much!!!😀👍 No blobs any more, after two years drawing is possible now!
  17. 2020 is almost gone and the blob bug is still there.
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