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  1. How do I select multiple layers using the Magic Keyboard? Only click, hold and swipe using the trackpad? Why no shift + click?
  2. I always wonder how it was possible that so many users had not noticed these pencil problems, or were not bothered by them. They can't all be laymen or fanboys. When enough idiots praise the app, it is understandable that the severity of the error wasn’t correctly assessed.
  3. Not only the blob bug is fixed but with default settings the pencil responsiveness is outstanding allowing a smooth and precise drawing experience. At least without a screen protector. Well done! 👍
  4. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, especially to those involved fixing the blob bug, making Affinity Designer for iPad an unique software.
  5. Solved! Unbelievable! No blobs any more, after two years drawing is possible now!
  6. 2020 is almost gone and the blob bug is still there.
  7. The biggest problem in Affinity Designer are the bugs in pressure variable brushes. Still producing blobs at the beginning of each stroke.
  8. I bought Affinity Designer for iPad paying the regular price 2 years ago and it is still useless for drawing. If your intention is drawing, maybe using Photoshop brushes, I would suggest not to buy this app yet. There was enough time for internal testing and releasing as beta, maybe it can’t be fixed?
  9. My only wish would be that Affinity Designer for iPad get the functionality to draw and sketch using the Apple Pencil. It’s a shame that it is still not possible except fixed width brushes. I hope the guy responsible for that got fired.
  10. First they need to fix bugs faster. In this aspect it’s the worst company ever.
  11. There is a easy workaround having both apps installed and using .psd files. Install Photoshop and then reinstall Affinity apps again.
  12. Are the iPad Affinity apps running on M1 Macs too?
  13. Please in the next Affinity Designer beta of course, not Photo.
  14. Great news. It was such a waste that the success of this app was limited due to this bug.
  15. It’s a shame. Unfortunately they can rely on many fanboys with a complete lack of objectivity in relation to their preferred focus. Flaws are promptly ignored in favor of cherry picking the positive, don't realizing, that this company don't really give a damn about us.
  16. I don’t think so, if they want to make money they had fixed the pixel brushes on iPad. It could had been an unique app combining vector and pixel but they don’t had taken this opportunity. The vector market share on Desktop and iPad is already lost to Vectornator and Illustrator. Their focus seems to be Affinity Publisher and transition to Apple Silicon.
  17. I hope you and the developer team understand how annoying it is to be forced to sketch in Fresco, Procreate, Sketches or SketchBook and then permanently import layers to Affinity Designer to continue with vectors.
  18. No, it’s not a hardware issue. I understand you are very satisfied hyping Affinity. This bug was mentioned by several users long time ago in different threads and still not fixed by developers. It affects both Affinity Designer and Photo. Maybe on some ancient iPads not the case. Here it was discussed in detail:
  19. Then please make a "honest" review about the pixel brush blob bug. No, it is not far better. Can you ever imagine Photoshop with unusable brushes?
  20. Superb app. The blob brush, shape builder and vector eraser making Illustrator very unique for creative work.. Don’t confuse with Affinity’s blob bug 🙂
  21. Wait until you discover the blob bug using pixel brushes... Although it shouldn’t be laggy.
  22. Both Affinity Designer and Photo are garbage for painting because their unfixed "blob" bug. Procreate or Adobe Fresco are your choice for smooth painting without blobs.
  23. But their App Store ratings are still too good. In two weeks Illustrator will be released.
  24. You know that affinity designer’s for iPad raster brushes have the blob bug and are useless?
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