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  1. Just checked ... no, no scale setting (for both my displays it's 1920x1080 at 100%) Perhaps it's a high-dpi versus low-dpi monitor issue?
  2. @Lee D how odd... your process is exactly the same as mine, but it's not doing it for you. just checked, making sure i have the latest update 2.0.3 ... same results for me as before affinity-paste.mp4
  3. @Chris Bah, found it. oddly, doing a search in the settings for "zoom" didn't show it to me (was lazy, rather than scanning over all settings options manually). the option is disabled in my case. but I'd say it's still a bug though, because this isn't the *initial* zoom. it's doing that weird "zoom all the way in, then back to what the zoom level was last time i was on that tab" dance every time i switch between them, not just on first opening the image
  4. @Chris B i don't see any setting like that in the preferences...am I looking in the wrong place? also, to be clear: my images are already at 100% when i last worked on them, just that switching over between them they momentarily go to a maximum fit zoom level, before then immediately settling back to what the zoom level was last time i worked on that image, so sounds like a bug either way?
  5. i don't duplicate by alt/option, and never accidentally hit any keys while moving/releasing things. anyway, let's stick to the actual topic here...copy/pasting or dragging/dropping things always trying to be centered, and ignoring the pixel alignment altogether
  6. it shouldn't be an obstacle under the assumption that i always start off at full pixels, so every movement also being always at whole pixels would make no difference
  7. we could also split this into a separate discussion, as this has nothing to do with the original bug...
  8. So, to sum up: the "drawing a line from the last point to the new point when pressing SHIFT before clicking" is a feature, rather than a bug, but it's not mentioned in the help/documentation. This aspect should be documented, rather than being a surprise feature. the one part that *is* a genuine bug seems to be the very first shift and click, which draws a line from the 0/0 origin to the current position
  9. just installed and tried it out on MacOS. can confirm that the issue is not present on that platform, making it a Windows-only problem
  10. the conditions need to be quite specific - a group with pixel layers, and that group needs to have a mask. doesn't happen if the layers are Image layers, nor does it happen when the group doesn't have a mask
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