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  1. russ.carpenter

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta - 1.6.4 (Beta 3)

    I am also experiencing crashes when I export files. Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
  2. russ.carpenter

    Inpainting Not Working Correctly

    Hi MikeFromMesa, Yes I have tried rasterizing and it does solve the problem.
  3. russ.carpenter

    Inpainting Not Working Correctly

    I have noticed the same issue with inpainting. I addition, if I use any of my Topaz plugins after rotating, the filter UI displays the image that preceded rotation.
  4. russ.carpenter

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6 - Beta 1)

    I want to add my thanks for the light UI.
  5. This is probably a basic issue, but perhaps someone could help me with the Help function within Affinity Photo. I am using AF 1.5 and my OS is 10.12.4. When I attempt to search within the Affinity Help function, nothing happens. A list of suggested search terms appears, but if I click one of them, the page stays blank. Searching within the help function of other apps works normally. For example, if I search within Final Cut Pro, all is fine. Thanks in advance for your advice. Russ
  6. What a magnificent contribution to the community. Thank you!
  7. russ.carpenter

    Luminance Mask

    Thanks for all your interesting thoughts. For now, it seems that the most efficient solution is using blend options, although I will need to retrain my brain. I will be glad to have immediate visual feedback on the impact of changes to the blending curve in adjustments and live filters. Russ
  8. russ.carpenter

    Luminance Mask

    I'm an astro photographer and frequently use Affinity Photo to fine tune images I've produced in specialized astro imaging programs, such as PixInsight. I have a question that's probably painfully naive, for which I apologize in advance. Astro imaging constantly uses masks, because elements such as background, stars, galaxies and nebula present completely different processing problems. One of the most common types of masks is known as the "luminance" mask. I've attached a typical luminance mask, which was produced from an RGB image, using the "extract CiE L*" command in PixInsight. In this case, the purpose of the mask is to manipulate the brighter parts of the galaxy, while leaving the faint details and background relatively untouched. To work properly, many of these masks need to include a full range of shades of grey. My question is: can this kind of mask be produced and/or used in Affinity Photo? Thanks for helping a newbie. Russ
  9. russ.carpenter

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.5 - RC1)

    I agree with all the foregoing praise. You are the gold standard.
  10. russ.carpenter

    Error Message with TIFF Files

    I may be the only person on earth with this issue, but one of my favorite astrophotography programs (StarTools) won't open tiff files produced by Affinity Photo. Here is a screen capture of the error message. Any suggestions?
  11. I am another astrophotographer who would like to know the answer to the question.
  12. russ.carpenter

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.4.1 - Beta 1)

    I agree with ABC. The Vimeo tutorials are excellent.
  13. russ.carpenter

    UI labels hard to read

    I would like to support those who are asking for larger fonts and/or better contrast. In my view, Affinity Photo is better than Photoshop, but Apple Photos is far easier to use than both of them.
  14. russ.carpenter

    New User feedback

    I am also an astrophotographer. The dust and scratches tools is essential.
  15. russ.carpenter

    Using Photoshop Plugins

    Here is the message I sent to Topaz on the 15th: Hello, Affinity Photo is splendid new software that is attracting widespread admiration. However, the Topaz plugins are not supported. Many Affinity Photo users are devoted to Topaz products and the situation is very frustrating. Indeed, this issue is currently the most active topic on the Affinity Photo forum. I hope you will consider supporting Affinity Photo soon. Russell Carpenter And here is the reply I received this morning: Russell, Thank you for contacting Topaz Labs! At the moment, we do not support Affinity Photo, but each inquiry we receive is a push in the direction of providing that support. Thank you for your feedback! Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns, and I will be happy to assist! Respectfully, Joe Fedric Customer Happiness Specialist Topaz Labs Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm CDT