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  1. Your topic subject is unclear we all have problems, oh software problems, who knew what software oh still don't know that. Spend a little time on the subject line geez...
  2. Try to do a little better on your subject entry. I don't even look at subjects like "2 Questions" the only reason I came to your post was to suggest you put some effort into the subject, 2 questions could be 1.Why is the sky blue? 2. Why don't people put a bit more effort into posting on forums? My Opinion.
  3. @ Alfred:Thanks that was a great explanation I tried them all and now understand a bit more. No.2 was what I liked the best and I changed the Rectangle color to white worked great Thanks.
  4. @ R C-RWhen I try this drag text on to rectangle converted to curves filled with black. I get everything clipped but the dot over the " i" . What ann I doing wrong? I want just the dot masked. Thanks
  5. How can I make the transparent background darker more defined? When I add a shadow then within the shadow the transparent background is more visible how can I make it all more visible?
  6. In photo I made a donut shape when I choose the layer then the fill tool I don't see this choice in the context bar.
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