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  1. Found it! Thanks for the link Alfred. The "free roughen" sample from Herbert123 is exactly what I'm looking for.... And yes, you're right, seems there is definitely demand for such an option... and quite a variety of uses as well... Let's hope the AD Design Team takes notice, because it would be a great addition.
  2. Hi Mike, thanks and I just did a quick search on XDP, this is what Yahoo gave me: Xtreme Diesel Performance.... I'm pretty sure that's not what you used... But looking at your picture it seems you made a brush to get those wobbly lines and this is close to what I'm trying to accomplish. I did make a few brushes before but they s#cked big time... I take it that I need to spend more time on trying to find the right "balance" for this brush. Dutch
  3. Wow gdnby! That's a lot of work you did there! First of all thanks but also own you an apology.... I guess that you (and others) assume it's the lettering I'm after... That's not the case... I'm trying to get those wavy lines to draw pictures and I mentioned the "m" font as an indication that whoever did this design, perhaps used some special brush or filter to get these results. (since the artwork and the lettering look very similar) Really sorry that I wasn't more clearer about that, gdnby. The result you got is very nice, but if I'm going to do 16 pages like this, I might have to settle for straight lines.... and the wiskey catlover suggested ;-) Dutch
  4. Hey catlover, why didn't I think of this myself? Heck, I could use my wife's glasses.... Nah... I think I'll just go for the whiskey and save the drawing for later....
  5. Hi Alfred, thanks for your quick reply. If there isn't any request for this kind of tool, I guess there isn't any demand for it. Would be nice though...
  6. I'm trying to figure out how to draw lines as in the pictures below. Does anybody know if this is all hand drawn or with a special (preset) brush?? I kind of assume that the letter "m" is just a regular font (as opposed to drawn by hand). I tried to make a brush simulating this, but the result was very disappointing. (not the brush's fault though) I also tried to use the ripple filter in AP, but it just not what I'm trying to accomplish. Does anybody at the forum have any experience with making these kind of lines and willing to share this well hidden secret? Dutch
  7. That did it, Chris!! (the clear button that is) It's just a little over 6 AM here (Japan) and I wasn't expecting any reaction that soon. You guys (and gals?) are great!! Thanks a million for the quick and helpful response, I really appreciate this. (please never change) Dutch
  8. Hi there. Haven't used AD after the last few upgrades, but when I took it for a spin yesterday, all menus "disappeared" when I selected the Pixel Persona. When I went back to the Draw Persona, all menus were "gone" as well. It seems that the menus are still there when I click on them, but they are just not visible. I am using AD 1.5.5 and (in a very low voice...) Mac OS 10.7.5 Although my OS is rather old (like myself) it should still be compatible.... Am I doing something wrong, Is there a way to fix this? Or do I need to "downgrade" to a previous version of AD? Although I'm not a frequent user (I teach for a living) AD is great app and would like to get it back to normal again. I searched the forum, but I couldn't find any info, please help!
  9. Wow! It works, Dave! I don't need to edit any text, since it is just a template for A5 size cards which the printing company gives out as a guideline so people like me don't mess up. The data itself won't include any text, just graphic data. Thanks for your help Dave, I really appreciate it! Dutch
  10. Hello Paul, You too… don't know what to say…. Both files work like a charm and it's really great of you do this. I very much appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. I've just checked out Zamzar but I didn't see an ai to afdesign option. How did you get the afdesign file? Did you re-save the pdf file AD? Also, you mentioned "Blur" to mask your email. What's Blur? Thanks again! Dutch
  11. Hi J! I don't know what to say…. Fantastic!! You're The Man! This is really mighty fine of you. I've got the files in AD all looks well.. This is very, very much appreciated. Thanks a million!
  12. Well, the title says it all. I've got some templates from a printing company in ai format, but when I try to open them, I get the following message: "Failed to open AI file. The file doesn't contain a valid PDF stream" Is there a way to open these files in AD or AP or am I forced to get Photoshop or Illustrator for a one time thing? (I just want to use an online printing company to make some teaching materials to use in my school) Any advice is appreciated, thanks Dutch A5_TT.ai A5_TY.ai A5_YY.ai
  13. Ronnie, till when does the discount offer stand? Dutch edit: it's okay… I already signed up! See you "in class"
  14. That's a nice collection, Chris! Thanks a bundle, it's very much appreciated! Dutch
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