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  1. it says it's install but nothing is showing that it is nothing but a pop menu saying it's already installing. it's not doing like it use to install??
  2. EricS.

    My Logo Design with AD

    thank you....... I was following a Youtube tutorial for Inkscape to see if i could do the same thing with AD. It worked
  3. EricS.

    Kobe Bryant Vector

    your damn good with the pen tool.... I haven't got the hang of it yet but I'm still going at it.
  4. EricS.

    Custom Affinity Icons

    nice work you guys!!! i cant seem to add none of these great icons because I'm a windows user
  5. EricS.

    Assortment Styles Vol. 1

    Thank you so much @evtonic3 :D
  6. EricS.

    Kobe Bryant Vector

    wow!! that's tight man. Did you use the pen tool to do that??