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  1. it says it's install but nothing is showing that it is nothing but a pop menu saying it's already installing. it's not doing like it use to install??
  2. EricS.

    My Logo Design with AD

    thank you....... I was following a Youtube tutorial for Inkscape to see if i could do the same thing with AD. It worked
  3. EricS.

    Kobe Bryant Vector

    your damn good with the pen tool.... I haven't got the hang of it yet but I'm still going at it.
  4. How about doing something with the guide Manager. just like the guideguide plugin for Ps. Also to be able to save your guide's. Another one to add to the list is you have a open Document and then be able to insert or add an artboard within that Document without the whole document changing to an artboard. AD is a kickass software, this Software is way better then Webplus.... Keep up with the good work you guys :D
  5. Osnap i got another one that i forgot to mention it was about artboards, at open a new doc and be able to select a number of artboards 1,2,3,4,5 etc like in illustrator would be really nice. thank you for you guys are doing..
  6. How about copy guides, to guides. Lets say i have a project that i did in Ps with my already guides that i have had in that project and i carry over that Psd file in AD i would like to re-use the guides i already had and be able to re-use the guides on something else in AD. and to be able to save my already made guides. OBTW you guys are killin it with AD , i dont have your AP i didn't get the chance to catch the beta version when you put it out. Win x64 Beta baby!!! keep it coming guys put adobe to shame and really show them the game...
  7. EricS.

    Custom Affinity Icons

    nice work you guys!!! i cant seem to add none of these great icons because I'm a windows user
  8. EricS.

    Assortment Styles Vol. 1

    Thank you so much @evtonic3 :D
  9. EricS.

    Kobe Bryant Vector

    wow!! that's tight man. Did you use the pen tool to do that??