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  1. I posted this before for the photo beta and it was fixed (i believe), but it hasn't been fixed for Designer. Here is a short video (no audio) of the bug. If you set the export options for a layer, the export button doesn't work until you switch to a different layer and then switch back to the layer you want to export.
  2. eaton11

    Logo design in AD

    Thanks for sharing your workflow! Seeing how other designers do it gives me more perspective.
  3. eaton11

    Custom Affinity Icons

    @A_B_C I uploaded them for ya.
  4. eaton11

    Custom Affinity Icons

    Yeah. You have to be a power user to remember by color only. I'll try to add some flat distinguishing features.
  5. eaton11

    Movie ABCs

    Nice.. I'd like to see more. These are always fun.
  6. eaton11


    you should post a pic so we don't have to download the project. :)
  7. eaton11

    Custom Affinity Icons

    Made some custom Affinity Icons for the Affinity Family of Apps. They're little more minimalistic than the originals. (Made in Affinity Designer) I don't why but I like them better without the markers, camera lens, and papers. I can't put my finger on it. UPDATE: I attached the icon files. Here is a quick video I made to show how to add and remove icons if you don't know: YouTube Video icns.zip