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    dannyj reacted to Michail in Designer 1.6 Beta – when?   
    I hate Facebook and Twitter. Please inform us in the forum about everything. What is the purpose of the "News and Information" section here?
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    dannyj reacted to pmi in Export Preview   
    I need to see the preview for the web.
    Thank you.
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    dannyj reacted to patrice in Preview on export   
    it would be very nice to be able to see the preview and the estimated size in kb while exporting in jpg and png  (and maybe an export with TinyPNG would be awesome )
    thank you
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    dannyj reacted to tmmls in No live preview on export ?   
    With this post I would like to report a bug / feature request.
    When exporting an image, there is no live preview. Is this a bug ?
    This is very usefull. I use this all the time in Adobe Ph.

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    dannyj reacted to pmi in [APh] Version 1.6 - suggested additions   
    Save for Web. Would be great to see the file priview when saving/exporting. Helps double check I'm getting what I intended.
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    dannyj got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Just got Affinity Photo   
    I've had Affinity Designer for a while but still had to pull out Photoshop for a lot of stuff. I decided to get Affinity Photo and wow. For what I do, it works better and is easier to use than Photoshop CS6. No way was I going to do the CC ball and chain. $49 is a steal for this product and it will work well with AF Designer. I just finished up cleaning up an old photo of my mom using AF Photo. It was a lot easier than PS CS6!
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    dannyj got a reaction from waveman777 in Export for web directly from selected item   
    It would be nice to be able to export for the web from a selected item instead of having to make a slice first.
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    dannyj got a reaction from Dale in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello, I'm Danny Riggs. I've been flitting around looking for an app that acted more like Adobe Fireworks. As a "seasoned" web developer, I used Fireworks till it didn't work that well anymore, switched to Photoshop and have used that for years and years. My problem is that Illustrator and Photoshop seem to be overkill for most of the things I do. Getting Sketch helped but it just isn't enough for what I want. I finally found Affinity Designer and think I've found a home. I am absolutely loving this product and I'm excited that it will soon adopt many of the features that Fireworks had. Now I can do vector and photo work in the same app! Thanks.. (wiping a tear away) ..for the great work on this app - please NEVER go to a subscription service :) .
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    dannyj reacted to src in Croping the whole Document   
    +1 for this feature getting higher priority.
    For casual designers like me, we don't know the right size of the image until we have the content and not being able to crop the document to fit the contents is annoying.
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    dannyj reacted to MEB in Export preview   
    Hi edwinm,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    This is already on our roadmap to be implemented soon later.
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    dannyj reacted to vandammage in Fireworks features I lived on   
    +10 for me as well.
    Pages would be an amazing addition. In fact, I use Adobe Fireworks to comp up online advertising. It is so much faster from a workflow than any other app (forget about Photoshop layer comps.). What makes the workflow so good is this:
    Pages can be quickly navigated forward and backward with Page Up and Page Down keys I can place non-animating objects (like branding and key lines) on separate shared layers (this makes it easy to update them once from any given page and have all the changes propagate to the other pages--a real time-saver) Objects copied from one page could be pasted in identical positions on the canvas (eliminating unintentional animation) User should be able to duplicate a page Pages should be resolution independent, making it easy to show how a banner expands to a larger size (please allow pages to align with specific edges of other pages) Ability to export a PDF document Ability to export individual pages as individual files so that I can also build a storyboard. Should be able to copy/paste Individual objects into Flash or be able to export/save as SVG, PNG, JPEG, etc. Note that this is NOT like Illustrator's canvas model where you can view all the pasteboards simultaneously. I'm not opposed to that, however, I would like the ability to Page Up and Page Down through the document so that I can see the animation unfold. Clients have LOVED the animatics that I create this way. 
    Bonus points if you can figure out a way to automatically build a storyboard from the pages. I have this functionality mocked up and would be happy to share it with you.
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    dannyj reacted to joelfisher in Fireworks features I lived on   
    I have been a die-hard Fireworks user from day one. I've been on the Adobe beta testing team for years / etc.
    Since mac os 10.9.5, Fireworks (a dead product) is now completely unusable.
    I made the switch to Affinity Designer yesterday. Love it.
    Here's a few things that I used/depended on in Fireworks that I would love to see added to Affinity Designer.
    - Copy elements and create a new document...new document should adapt the total height/width of the copied elements. 
    So if I copy 4 objects and I get a combined size of 640x980.. if I "Create a new document" it should default to the size of 640x980
    - Pages
    Number one awesome feature of FW was the ability to have multiple pages in the document
    - Ability to resize canvas
    Make it easier to resize the canvas area than using the Document Setup
    More to come...
    - Export to HTML / Preview w/ Annotations
    This is the best plugin for Fireworks (http://www.3revolutions.com/public/fw_annotations.php )
    - Specctr
    Work with the folks at http://www.specctr.com/ to make their plugin work with Affinity Designer
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    dannyj reacted to MEB in Masking and multiple masks in Affinity Designer   
    Hi dannyj,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Select the image object/layer you want to apply the mask, click Mask Layer at the bottom of the Layers panel. The mask will be attached to that object/layer (collapse the layer if needed to see the mask attached, as opposed to inside the layer. If you expand the layer, the layer mask has a bigger indenting than regular objects). Now select the mask layer clicking on its thumbnail on the layers panel, change to the Gradient tool and drag it over the area you want to fade on the canvas: use the stop colours of the gradient (grayscale) to define the level of transparency of the fade.
      If you want to create multiple fades on the same image, select the same Image object/layer again and repeat the process above (or right-click on the thumbnail's mask in the layers panel and select duplicate, then adjust the direction of the gradient of the newly attached mask). You can add as much mask layers as you need.
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    dannyj reacted to bjohnb in Measure distance between guides ala fireworks   
    Sorry to compare products, but, in fireworks, you can measure the distance between guides by, whilst the "move tool" selected put it between guides ands press "shift".
    Is there anything similar in Affinity? If not, how are people measuring the distance between guides?

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