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  1. I've posted some files and e-mailed a link to support@seriflabs.com
  2. Hey MEB, I didn't mean to imply that it was the original coders of Freehand that worked on Fireworks, only that it was the team that was working on it under Macromedia's watch. (At least that's what Macromedia said at the event when they unveiled Fireworks. More here: http://ow.ly/OoLIq ) You can see a lot of similarity in the functionality and the shortcuts. I used Freehand before it was purchased by Macromedia, so I'm aware that it was not Macromedia's creation, whereas Fireworks was. And yes, we know what sadly happens to most Adobe acquisitions. :-( I'd be happy to send some Fireworks PNG files over. I create multi-page files when I comp up online advertising. It's fantastic in that I can use the page up or page down keys to thumb through the file in order to see how the animation unfolds. I also love the fact that you can copy/paste elements from one page to the next and they are perfectly aligned. I'll send some files over shortly.
  3. From what I understand, Fireworks was created by the same team that coded Freehand. So that makes them "sister" applications. Does that mean we still have to go to the end of the line? ;-) Seriously, though. Both programs were well-liked due to their excellent, intuitive UX. I've purchased a copy of Affinity Designer and I will be diving in. I hope to see the Affinity programs continue to emphasize intuitive user experiences while they bring in the features that users have loved with other programs.
  4. +10 for me as well. Pages would be an amazing addition. In fact, I use Adobe Fireworks to comp up online advertising. It is so much faster from a workflow than any other app (forget about Photoshop layer comps.). What makes the workflow so good is this: Pages can be quickly navigated forward and backward with Page Up and Page Down keys I can place non-animating objects (like branding and key lines) on separate shared layers (this makes it easy to update them once from any given page and have all the changes propagate to the other pages--a real time-saver) Objects copied from one page could be pasted in identical positions on the canvas (eliminating unintentional animation) User should be able to duplicate a page Pages should be resolution independent, making it easy to show how a banner expands to a larger size (please allow pages to align with specific edges of other pages) Ability to export a PDF document Ability to export individual pages as individual files so that I can also build a storyboard. Should be able to copy/paste Individual objects into Flash or be able to export/save as SVG, PNG, JPEG, etc. Note that this is NOT like Illustrator's canvas model where you can view all the pasteboards simultaneously. I'm not opposed to that, however, I would like the ability to Page Up and Page Down through the document so that I can see the animation unfold. Clients have LOVED the animatics that I create this way. Bonus points if you can figure out a way to automatically build a storyboard from the pages. I have this functionality mocked up and would be happy to share it with you.
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