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  1. And an active, 19-page thread from 2014 isn't already doing that? ;P Other companies simply mark the items they're working on, and provide feedback for those items they aren't. No big deal, and so much more transparent/customer-friendly. Some credible examples: 1. Adobe 2. Logos 3. Microsoft 4. Oculus
  2. Yeah, but would it not be valuable in the long term to have a solid metric of what customers are most interested in? Obviously not everything can be catered to.
  3. It's not that hard to promote a feature request system once it exists if a broader input base is needed. Serif has email addresses for all of their customers, and there is an optional splash screen upon initially opening the software as well.
  4. Thanks. Pity they don't have a request prioritization system. They could still set their priorities according to internal discussion, but at least they'd have a concrete metric to gauge customer interest and potential buy-in. That's just the business side of me coming out though. I appreciate the explanation, cheers!
  5. Is there any word from Serif or ETA on vector-magic wand/select similar functionality? Is there any way to numerically vote for features? Many software companies have a feature request page where people can use up to 3-5 votes on the top features as a means of helping show the highest demand for the developers to consider.
  6. Thanks, the only other duplicates I could find were locked, this must be the original. Not seeing much by way of an ETA or plan from Serif though, which is slightly disconcerting since this appears to have been heavily requested since 2014...
  7. Hello, So I have an immensely complex vector map I'm working on for a large, 3-4,000 person conference I'm helping coordinate. I recently switched completely over to Affinity, but I am realizing there doesn't seem to be a vector-based magic wand tool or select similar functionality in any of Affinity's apps. Is this still in development, or is there any way to accomplish this? Please advise, as this is a huge deal-breaker for complex vector artwork. I imagine most designers would agree such functionality can be essential.
  8. Ah, I didn't even notice that. It adds automatically when I type in that word with that official font. Thanks!
  9. Hmm. Remove my use of the entire font I presume? I don't think I was using the registered symbol from that font in this file. The symbol on the left of the file was a separate eps, though I am aware that the font contains one as well.
  10. Ah, well that's a logical reason. That's also a pretty significant downside though for those of us with businesses in graphic design and printing. Any idea if that will ever change?
  11. Done. Perhaps on a related topic, I'm finding that when I place a pdf I received from a customer, it does not recognize and render the fonts properly, yet photoshop, indesign, etc. have no problem. Thus, it's not just exporting fonts that seems to be problematic, but importing as well. I could probably share the pdf if you want to look at that too.
  12. I had the exact same issue with the export failing when rasterize was set to "unsupported properties" for my most recent design. Quite frustrating until I was able to switch it to rasterize all or none. The issue appears to be caused when I have font embedding on and vanishes when I convert fonts to curves.
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