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    stratboy2 reacted to MCFC_4Heatons in Preview for export persona   
    +1 for this - the export persona looks so good until you realise there's no live preview which in effect cripples it.
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    stratboy2 reacted to mallow in Preview for export persona   
    I am missing this feature as well. Crucial for exporting images for the web.
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    stratboy2 reacted to Psmeg in Preview for export persona   
    I'll add my frustration for this lacking (vital) feature to the above comments.
    As a web dev, I was excited to start working with the Affinity products, but not having any way to see your optimised images BEFORE saving them renders the Expert Persona a pretty useless 'feature'.
    You can't make an intelligent guess at the quality of the files you're working with and to be expected to move over to another piece of software to do a fundamental task like modify compression while previewing the changes, seems to be totally counter-intuitive IMHO.
    Please add this feature in, so many of us are no longer reliant on the likes of Photoshop to work with web graphics.
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    stratboy2 reacted to k_au in Preview for export persona   
    Please add me to the list of users who wish for / need an export preview.
    I've often used Photoshop's 2- and 4-up export preview to see what kind of result suits me best. Sometimes it's about web / mobile content where you still want to save bandwidth but deliver a decent quality image. Other times I've used the effects of the restricted GIF/PNG colour palettes as an artistic decision: Some images just look even cooler with 8 colours and some dithering... But I want to see the outcome of changing the colour depth or dithering method or JPG compression strength *before* saving.
    Thanks to the team for all the good work!
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    stratboy2 reacted to Paul Ingraham in Preview for export persona   
    They have been promising export preview since the earliest days, their own roadmap, not just wishful thinking on my part.  For users like me (webdev), it was "late" a year or two ago, by any reasonable definition of the word "late."  And now?  Now it's still missing from the betas for 1.7, in late 2018.
    "Betrayal" is emotional language, maybe inappropriate for this purpose... but darned if I do not feel it!  I got on the Affinity Bandwagon early, to support it, long before the feature set was really ready to replace PS or Fireworks.  Export preview was a critical missing piece from the earliest days, and I stayed on the bandwagon BECAUSE export preview and some other things were on the roadmap.  I continued to use (and evangelize) the apps because of that promise.  I gave Affinity my money and a LOT of my time, not for features I HOPED they would build, but for features they actually promised.
    And now here we are and still no export preview.  I give up.  I am getting off the bandwagon.  I will now go crawling back to Adobe.  Instead of telling colleagues how cool the Affinity apps are, I will now be telling them how disappointed I am. So yeah… "betrayed" doesn't actually feel too hyperbolic.  No doubt Affinity Photo is a replacement for Photoshop for some people, but it really is not for webdevs, and I now suspect that it never will be.
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    stratboy2 reacted to Old Bruce in Preview for export persona   
    I am (still) amazed that the exported file size is not available.
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    stratboy2 reacted to Markeeee in Preview for export persona   
    I've just canceled my subscription to Creative Cloud and bought Affinity Photo and Designer. I assumed that the Export Persona would preview the image quality / compression – but it doesn't. This is a deal breaker.
    I wish I could go back to Photoshop and continue to use the Save for Web Legacy function.
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    stratboy2 reacted to Kai in Preview for export persona   
    hi there,
    having no quality preview before exporting (for web in my case) is still the dealbreaker for me. as long as this is not possible i am stuck with ps :(
    will you add this feature? and if, when? i also requested this a couple of times before.
    thanks a lot! kai
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    stratboy2 reacted to Medical Officer Bones in Preview for export persona   
    This has been requested many times before I realize, but I am going to reiterate it one more time.
    As it stands, the export persona is pretty much useless, because it doesn't allow for a real-time preview of the rendered asset(s) to check the quality before export. Therefore, I don't use Photo's export option, and instead export a full quality PNG and optimize in external software.
    There are a number of other issues with the export (jpeg quality<->file size, inability to set >256 colour PNG output, lack of dithering options and resample options), but this is really the major one. I don't understand why this wasn't implemented in the first place, but hopefully it will be at some point.
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    stratboy2 reacted to Christian Kogler in Background colour   
    Come on folks - don't tell me changing the background colour is that complicated in Affinity Photo! I think, I might not have bought it, had I known this! Please add an easy option! That's a real feature request! You need that so often! 

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