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  1. I'm thinking the lack of feedback from Affinity and the fact this post is over 2 years old means it's not looking promising that we'll be seeing this feature added anytime soon. It's a shame as they Affinity tools are pretty awesome, but this is one area that is sadly lacking right now.
  2. Easiest way (Only way I think currently) is to save your InDesign file as a PDF and then drag n drop that into Affinity Publisher and it will give you some options on how to handle the file and then open it up as a fully editable APub file ready to work on :0)
  3. I'll add my frustration for this lacking (vital) feature to the above comments. As a web dev, I was excited to start working with the Affinity products, but not having any way to see your optimised images BEFORE saving them renders the Expert Persona a pretty useless 'feature'. You can't make an intelligent guess at the quality of the files you're working with and to be expected to move over to another piece of software to do a fundamental task like modify compression while previewing the changes, seems to be totally counter-intuitive IMHO. Please add this feature in, so many of us are no longer reliant on the likes of Photoshop to work with web graphics.
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