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  1. @walt.farrell I actually just realised there's a section for reporting bugs. Maybe it's worth creating a post in there. I could draw a better example than the original one I posted here over a year ago. I'd use more strokes just to be sure the problem reproduces correctly (quite a paradox! ) for the Affinity Team too, though the problem is in reality so bad it will literally show up with just two strokes, and they don't even have to be that far apart.
  2. @NotMyFault thank you for the tip! The split view actually does work! Of course, as you noted, it's not optimal but it's a good workaround. I hope Affinity will address this problem. This, and the strange broken artefacts Designer creates when closing vector strokes with pressure (the end tips of strokes are never clean) sadly make this app scarcely suitable for vector freehand drawing.
  3. Thanks for the example. With thicker lines like the ones in your video I can actually select correctly. The problem I describe arises when the strokes, or lines, are thin. As, for example, shading strokes drawn with a fine brush.
  4. @Zsolt yes, that's my experience too. Thanks for the tip! It it surely faster than guess-clicking, as I find myself doing sometimes.
  5. @David in Яuislip yes, that's exactly what I'd expect it to do. Instead, if I were to directly click on the lower shape in your example, I'd get the second or third upper one selected. Not the one I'm actually clicking and holding. The bizarre thing is that this seems to happen only with small objects (i.e. thin strokes).
  6. Hi, I've had this problem actually from the start, with Designer for Mac OS, regardless of updates. If I have a proximity of small curves and I try to select one with the Move Tool, Designer will select a nearby curve but not the one I'm directly selecting. It's as if the selection were offset. The selection works fine with large curves. This can become quite a problem when I have lots of close strokes. Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks.
  7. Hi, thank you, that's a good solution. Problem is, I have stoppe using the Mac's Image Capture because since the last two or three Op Sys updates it seems to have stopped working properly. It won't le me select photos to import (regardless of where I choose to import them) because the selection simply de-selects by itself. As a partial workaround I started using Preview as an import tool. It would really be great to have this as a direct import into Affinity, though.
  8. Hi, thank you. Yes, in fact I was expecting the same dialog box I get for my scanner but, bo go. I hope this can be fixed
  9. I'd like to import photos from my iPhone directly into Affinity Photo, but when I choose "File ---> Aquire image" my phone does not appear in the device list. Is there a way to do this?
  10. It's not a big deal but it's one of those things that makes the app feel less customisable. All user settings should be as consistent as possible. I'm pretty sure all Wacom users are aware of this little nuisance and I hope Affinity can correct it.
  11. Very useful indeed. I had to fiddle around a while to find the corresponding key action, because I use a Mac +Pen & Wacom tablet. For me, the shortcut you suggest translates into: drag (with pen) while holding ctrl + alt. This is cool because I can have both methods (I am not against the default selection, it's just not practical in some instances). Thanks for the great tip!
  12. I hope this stroke problem will be solved because, as strange as this may sound, is the reason I'm still wary of taking the big jump into using Designer as my only vector drawing app.
  13. Is there a way to keep the pen pressure ("controller" menu) on even after restarting the app? I use a Wacom tablet but I find that Affinity Designer forgets to turn pressure on again (or to just leave it at the menu setting I left it at).
  14. Aha, yes! Great, thank you, that's it! I suppose a lasso tool would still come in handy for those cases in which one needs to go in and around objects, but this preference no doubt does what I need. Thanks a lot. I will add "solved" to the title of this topic, in case other people have the same question
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