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  1. I can´t seem to hide the outlined brush preview by unchecking the "Show Brush Preview" button from the Preferences / User Interface. Neither in Mac nor in Windows version. There´s always that "outlined" brush preview on my way - especially when using more detailed "Painting" brushes for instance. It´s very annoying to paint let alone to draw with my Cintiq display. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  2. Ok. Thanks for the info! I was expecting that since you offer your awesome product at such fair price. Just needed to be sure before buying the Win license. Cheers! And keep up the good work! ;)
  3. I sent you guys email but haven't received an answer. My question was: Is it possible to get serials for Windows if I have bought a mac version?? If yes then can you send me the serials.. I lost all my emails so I also asked if it was possible to receive the serials via email.
  4. I found out that when I import (via Place) a pdf and use it inside a symbol object it won't update to other instances. The solution is to group each pdf to it's own group (even though inside the group there's only that one pdf object :P ). Then it's possible to transform them so that it also updates to other instances. Not sure if the same bug happens with other imported elements..
  5. I've got this non-destructive workaround where I use vectors for shading: create path to represent darker area and use (in Photoshop mask blur slider) Gaussian Blur effect's slider to make it soft. Then I group/clipping mask this inside the object that I want to shade. By saying "non-destructive" I mean that I can easily change the color of that shade. I have a simple demo of this workaround. How can I attach the file?
  6. Why is the sliders restricted to 100px while it's still possible to go WAY beyond this?? I use much greater values than 100 px and each time I have to type in the value. Please make the slider go where no man has ever been... or at least 1000 px. Thanks!
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