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  1. Am I doing this wrong? I want to change the black color in an image to transparent. On Affinity Photo macOS, when I go to color picker, click drag, it instantly changes the color tone of the whole image, which is not what I want. Just clicking on the image with the color picker tool selection changes the hue of the whole image... I just want it to put the color in the color well. Why does changing the color in the color well change the huge of the whole picture if the layer is selected? I don't know what's happening. Is that a bug or something I don''t understand? How do I prevent that behavior? For example, original: What it changes into after finishing color selection:
  2. In Affinity Photo, when I've created some text, selected it, and bring up the font list (drop down), and move the cursor through the fonts, not only is font styled in the list according to the font's real look, but the text in the graphic I created (and selected in the graphic) changes to that font instantly ("dynamically") before my eyes, without having to click that highlighted font in the list. Thus I can quickly highlight fonts in the drop down list and see what they look like without actually selecting them as the current font. Superb feature! Unfortunately, many times I need to know if there are italic variations of that font. However, indicators in the horizontal toolbar above don't track with the dynamically updating text styles, and I see no other instant indication of the font italic or bold styles available, so I'm forced to formally select (e.g. click on) any highlighted font I want to evaluate. That turns out to be tedious and time consuming, because in many cases I don't want to change the font from what is currently selected until I know there is a valid italic font variant, and for many fonts there isn't. So each click is a leap of faith, and then when it doesn't work out, I have to go back to and find the previously selected better alternative I wanted to hang onto (e.g. keep selected as the current font). I notice there is a heart (like/love) icon that can be clicked to identify any font in the dropdown list it as a favorite. Would it make sense to add a slanted-I and B and U styles available (or grayed if not) indicators to the left of the heart icon , similar to what's in the context task bar above to indicate the styling options? I'm hoping that is an improvement you see the value of, and an easy enough improvement to put into an update. Thank you.
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