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  1. We/ I was talking about quick mask mode to paint a selection, is that available as well?
  2. So maybe add this to your marketing page "Only affinity photo app gives the REAL feel, just like paper, others are FAKE PAPER!"
  3. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/22624-curves-and-blend-if-picker-size-visibility/?p=106288 would be great if the option to adjust the smaller size could be made available on both platforms finally :wub:
  4. "Any technical reason to not allow "free rotation" of the canvas? Having to select the "canvas rotate tool" to do something as trivial as rotating the canvas seems counter intuitive. For drawing and painting, we need to rotate very often" thought so too, but it is surprisingly easy to rotate the iPad itself :D but probably best to add an option just for those who don't want to scratch their tables :ph34r: please note that syncing adjustments and stuff would be really good now, I mean really :P
  5. And only use dslrs because mirrorless is for amateurs Generally only mac is pro because anyone else cannot produce good quality work, but only using dark interface Seriously, the only thing that limits this app now is batch capabilities (which this is true for mac as well) and direct transfer via handoff, it is a great alternative for certain workflows without the need of an expensive cintiq
  6. > Putting something like "Deselect" into a contextual menu isn't that great – I think if each Persona had a few buttons next to the Persona selector for quick access to very frequently used operations > Maybe it's just the videos, but I didn't see any way to use a brush to paint selections. > It would be good to have a setting that switches the Adjustment and Filter studio panels to a simple list or icon view, > Levels does not have any histogram whatsoever, quick access to clipping highlights/ shadows > The curves UI in Develop (and possibly the regular Adjustment, it's not shown in the videos) seems to be too small for precise adjustments > History seems to have no "Purge History" button that would save storage space on complex documents all - YES SIR, good observations as far as I can tell B) but why don't you ask for handoff?! :D > It would be much more useful if dragging on the layers would adjust Opacity instead of doing multi-select. < I think it actually works very well > It's not clear from the tutorial videos if this is there, but a "double-tap any numeric input, slider or option to reset to default" ​< works as far as I can tell > The size of the application bundle is extremely large, more than a GB ​< current apple hardware has much room (up to 256GB), working with images requires space anyway so people working with images seriously will have space anyway cheers :)
  7. sssh don't tell apple they just released their BEST App Store YET with such awesome features :blink:
  8. well that baby is actually several years old (ok, still a baby), one could even say older than the Mac app...anyhow I have no doubt either, did I say so? since the bugs section is open, I think they actually want feedback cheers
  9. yeah congrats you definitely nailed the UI, I tried Pixelmator but that is just a HUGE PAIN and was unusable for me a few quick impressions (hope you do not mind) Handoff support would be EXTREMELY good no option to invert a mask curves adjustment in this size is a bit of a joke in a photo editing app had a crash, created text, added a gradient, crash, app did not save, how can I send crash reports? Or is it all automatic? when toggling though selection tools the app would freeze the vertical selection options e.g. for brushes or blendmodes are slow because you have to go through all and can not skip, this is annoying never mind, tap on it when reaching the edge while painting, when going beyond the edge, the app UI reappears to quickly and interrupts the stroke no macros (guess they will come in some time), and I have not yet seen canvas rotation but I might be missing the right toggle stabilizer is not enabled yet but I think Matt already said he'd do cheers :) :wub:
  10. ok we're good with you, cheers :) :D :wub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu59W1Pmq0U for those that want to see the presentation again
  11. If you like editing Photos in Pro tools like PS or Pixelmator, lol :D how is Pixelmator supposed to be pro :blink: Metal 2 10x better throughput if implemented, easy as cake right? :D Affinity stuff will be rendered before you even know or maybe even get 10 bit display now :D
  12. they better do :P :D :ph34r: like this was two years ago https://vimeo.com/116156558 and this is like working https://vimeo.com/170451622 for some time already obviously "#AffinityPhoto for #iPad on its way to #WWDC2016" Andy last year https://twitter.com/andysomerfield/status/723758343848861696 ;) According to Jony this will be be the greatest WWDC that Apple has ever streamed :wub:
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