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  1. I just cropped an image with Snapseed and saved it. When I opened it in AP it opened the full image. If I export it as a copy and open it in AP it opens as the cropped version. I don't see this as an AP bug. Snapseed must add some info to the file that AP is not aware of.
  2. Got it thanks. You all are very responsive. I appreciate it. cheers.
  3. Thank you. Tired on my Windows desktop and no problems. I find it strange that Affinity Photo for iOS cannot open the D7500 RAW file as I can open it and edit it with Snapseed with no problems. Cheers.
  4. FYI: Just tried to open a RAW file from a Nikon D7500 and I can see it in my camera roll, but when I select it, nothing appears, just the Affinity Photo persona. When I click the check button the app crashes. iPad Pro 10.5, iOS 10.3.2, Affinity So I'm guessing it's because it's a new camera model. All of my other Nikon RAW files from various older cameras work just fine. Cheers.
  5. ctq

    Panorama Issue...

    Tried with 5 RAW files from a Nikon D300 and still does not stitch them. Converted them to JPEG and no problems. Seems to have something to do with Nikon RAW files.
  6. ctq

    Panorama Issue...

    OK, I downloaded build and still cannot stitch the Nikon RAW files. I converted the RAW files to JPEG and they stitched with no problem. I did take four images with an Olympus E-PL7 and those stitched just fine. Can't shoot any new files to try with my Nikon as I just sent it in for a recall for a shutter issue. Will copy over some other files today and try again.
  7. ctq

    Panorama Issue...

    I tried the ones I sent you and then the full set. Going to shoot a new set tomorrow and see what happens.
  8. ctq

    Panorama Issue...

    Well, I downloaded and still can't get the stitch to work. IPad Pro 10.5, iOS 10.3.2. I'm going to go out and shoot some other scene tomorrow and see what happens.
  9. ctq

    Panorama Issue...

    Thanks. Looking forward to the next build being released. I am amazed at how responsive you all are in answering questions and fixing bugs. Well done!
  10. ctq

    Panorama Issue...

    QA, Uploading now. Thanks. Found it strange as it did stitch the files in 1.6.2.
  11. Using version and it will not stitch RAW files. If I convert them to JPEG it works fine.
  12. Is there anyway to select two or more layers at the same time and merge them? Currently, I have to change the visibility of some layers then choose Merge Visible. This then creates a new merged layer on top of the layer stack. Is this the expected behavior?
  13. This morning I tried to create a panorama with Affinity Photo for iPad version 1.6.2. I have the 9.7" iPad Pro. I could import image files from my Camera Roll but the Stitch button never became active. I then added an image from Google Drive and the Stitch button was active. I then selected the four images I imported from the Camera Roll and created the panorama. As an aside, thanks for releasing Affinity Photo on the iPad. It's a wonderful image editor. The best available for the iPad. Cheers, Chris Quillen
  14. I've been using Nikon D750 RAW files with Affinity Photo on a PC since I installed it when it was released for the PC and have no issues with them being washed out or any darker. It works just fine.

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