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  1. I did a clipping mask, but in Photoshop you can select the clipping mask and make it a selection then you can feather or expand the selection. I couldn't find how to make my clipping mask a selection. I actually don't even know what I did now. I also had other "Filter" affects with lighting that AP doesn't have. So couldn't do the reflection that I wanted. This was the best I could get with what I could "find". I just actually worked on a photo over the last week and used AP to get rid of a kids playground. I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this photo which can be seen here ---> https://www.infinite-photography.net/objects?lightbox=dataItem-j5pzhb0i So I am slowly finding my way around the program. Youtube videos don't cut it for me, I need words, things I can highlight, pages to bookmark or dog-ear, call me old-school, so if there's a manually that anyone can point me to.... ?
  2. I meant.... I’m USED to photoshop. I’m struggling to understand and find the right tools. Where they are located. I struggled to create a clipping mask then convert that into a selection. I struggled to feather and either expand or detract the selection. And so much more. Therefore, that is not a photoshop look that I achieved. It is an Affinity Photo look that I achieved. ;)
  3. Ok so this is what I managed to do.... A bit better, a bit rushed (have to go to work) but i'm struggling to find my way around the program. I'm used to Photoshop and the terminology and locations of things.
  4. Trying too hard to stay away from Photoshops terminology with tools and such. I just used the pen tool to create a path..... but...... In Photoshop, it was easy, go to layers, select Path tab, then Make Selection Can't find how to make my Path a selection and I want the selection to be on my image not on another layer. I'm in limbo until I can figure out how to make my path a selection. Is that even an option?
  5. I just have more experience with Photoshop, finding my way around it. Still finding my way around Affinity. It's got it's similarities but it's also laid out differently, the tools are just slightly different so I'm struggling a bit. I'll get there eventually. The reflection however is a tough one because they are shiny enough to see the person holding the camera, namely me. This is the original image. I'm actually gonna try and re-do this one and work on the shades a bit more. After looking at the finished image, I hate the shades! LOL!!
  6. Normally I could do this with Photoshop. But really struggling with Affinity. If anyone knows an easier way to remove reflection I'd be ever so grateful. Anyway, my first attempt using a cross between my Lightroom and Affinity Photo.
  7. Trying to take a stationary image and make the sky look like the clouds are moving... otherwise known as a long exposure, the ocean looks soft but the main subject is clear. I saw the tutorial on the iPad Pro but can't locate where I saw that. Actually trying to attempt this on the Mac.
  8. Interesting.... I launched the program in a new user and it launches quick and opens files. Hmmmmm. so something in my user account is stopping it from launching. More troubleshooting..........
  9. Version 1.5 - Affinity Photo and Designer both have same issue Things I've done: Repaired permissions on internal/external drives (Using Disk Utility) Changed permissions on the App itself to allow read/write and have added myself Have uninstalled/reinstalled both MacOS and the programs themselves Uninstalled/removed fonts (bare basics loaded) Checked files are accessible (always have been for the last 6 years) Files will not open from any location; desktop/folders/external drives/icloud drive... Programs take 3 minutes plus just to stop bouncing in dock then another 2plus minutes to actually load onto the page. I have no other issues with other programs loading time. Running MacOS X Sierra 10.12.5 1tb HD with 977gb free 16gig RAM with 2.7 with intel core i5 What else can I try? Have I missed anything else? 2 other forum posts with regards to this issue. Someone mentioned Sandboxing.... these programs have full access so I don't understand why it won't just easily open a file from my desktop.
  10. Been there done that.... doesn't matter where the photo is located or what drive it's on- permissions check, disk utility - check. The one thing I haven't done is RE re-install Mac OS. I just reinstalled it yesterday and this is when it started to happen.... after! Was working fine before as I've said. I'm an Apple technician so troubleshooting is my job. Just stumped with this one. Have also uninstalled a program that wasn't from the App Store - no change. I've had these external drives for a couple of years they are still healthy.
  11. Yeah, I get what you're saying.... so I purchased the Affinity Photo..... NEITHER applications are working. Same error on BOTH. Can't even "place" an image on a new document. Tried large and small, jpegs, tiff's, you name it. I'm trying everything I can to try to work this out. I've also just deactivated fonts and went back to the standard basics.... restarted computer - still will not load images of any type. I'm about to ask for a refund because this is getting stupid.
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