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  1. I had the same issue but this fixed it for me. I was worried it wouldn't work because I had bought from the Mac Store instead of on the website but it's fixed. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am trying to record some macros. However, I cannot select multiple layers and group them while recording. Am I getting something wrong or is this not a capability? Thanks.
  3. Hi :) So Im playing around with the new macros feature. Loving it but I have a few things I'd like to request 1. Being able to group layers together - and adjust the fill layer of the folder and individual layers 2. Be able to add gradient fill layers that align to the image 3. Add a comment/description/instructions for adjustments somewhere - preferably on a modal popup Thats it so far. Thanks :)
  4. nikiniki9doors

    Automatic optical kerning

    +1 this needs to be added please
  5. Hey, I've just purchased the Affinity Designer program to see if I could make the transition from Illustrator. So far I'm impressed! However, one of the programs I love using with Illustrator is Rightfont They have a one-click and drag & drop functionality that speeds up my workflow immensely. I got in touch with them to ask why they didn't have the functionality and if they planned to implement it. Their response was: It would be fantastic to have this across all your products - especially the upcoming Publisher application. Any chance of reaching out to them and making it happen? Thanks!