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  1. Is this downloadable on windows? and if so, how do you do it?
  2. Hello, I have a quick question. Do you have to repurchase Affinity products if you already have it on a system? For example, I have Affinity Designer on my Surface Pro 6. Do I have to repurchase it if I were to get the Surface Studio? Thanks for the help
  3. Is there a way to add multiply gradients to a shape on AD? Like adding different gradients to 4 corners of an square
  4. Also the shape builder tool like illustrator would be helpful.
  5. Does anyone know why the red squiggly line appears under the numbers after the dollar sign is used? (when using the frame text box)
  6. I am using the windows app and i was in the draw personal. edit. I figured it out. These comic brushes are located in the pixel persona.
  7. definitely not the best example of to why AD needs a shape builder tool. this was as simple as "add"ing the shapes together.
  8. After i downloaded them, i went to the brushed panel and clicked on "import brushes" chose the file and it never popped up in the panel.
  9. After I imported the comic book sound effects brushes, it does not appear in my brushes panel. Any help
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