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  1. I work on AD. Personally I never use photographs and I do not want to buy AP just to be able to 'mesh warp' my illustrations. For now I could do with a destructive option to distort image-filled shapes, for example. The lack of such a tool is really crippling...
  2. Hello everyone, Until the 1.7 update (Mac) I could do this (substract a shape from an image by transforming it to curves)(and I've been using it fiercely these days). Now I can't (the default result image is in plain color, even though the fill thumbnail is my image). By looking in the Fill tool, the bitmap fill is there, but it is completely off-centered, hence the plain color. Workaround, as already suggested in this thread: group the 2 shapes, set blend to Erase. But this is much slower (and no-go because I do this operation a hundred of times in a day), since there is no keyboard shortcut to modify the blend mode. Why doesn't the bitmap-filled shape substract operation work anymore? Am doing something wrong? So many users are rolling back from 1.7... Thanks in advance for your replies!
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