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    Kris T got a reaction from PaulEC in New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!   
    Agree! I'm huge fan of the Affinity's "old" icons (they don't look old at all ).
    I don't like the new icons style. They look plain and oldschool.
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    Kris T got a reaction from GB_Design in Make double clicking on an object highlight it in the hierarchy   
    I'm using ctrl+K shortcut very often. It does the same. It's quite handy to know it.
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    Kris T reacted to nblackburn in UI/UX Prototyping and Animated Designs in AD   
    Until Sketch acknowledges other platforms than Mac exist, it should never become a standard.
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    Kris T reacted to dogcow in UI/UX Prototyping and Animated Designs in AD   
    I'm not sure Affinity Designer needs full animation tools for prototyping -- that is a big feature set, hard to get right, and I feel that it would be getting away from Designer's focus -- but I do think Designer is lagging behind Sketch in terms of UI design workflow, and I fear unless they really target UI design, Sketch is going to be the de facto UI design tool. It kind of already is. And that annoys me, because many of Sketch's UI choices are weird and the app itself feels poorly coded. Not a big fan.
    I guess there's more of a general question in my head about Designer's focus and its future. Is it a general vector tool? Is that a good idea when many desktop apps are becoming more focused? If it's a general tool like Illustrator, why are Designer and Photo two separate products? When I'm doing UI design, I often don't know which to pick. In fact, I recently built some mobile screens in Photo. The vector tools in Photo are far more competent than the ones in Photoshop. So why not just have a generalized design app that supports both vector and image editing? I get that Photo seems marketed to photo editors with new features like HDR and 360 stitching, but then why does it even have design tools and vector support? I don't see a clear separation of tasks between the two products, except for hardcore editing needs.
    TL;DR I guess what I'm saying is, maybe it'd be better to have a generalized design editing tool which supports both photo editing and vector illustrations. And then have a separate app that is focused on UI design and other layout needs, which maybe full prototyping tools could be added to.
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    Kris T reacted to lukepighetti in Recolor Artwork   
    Let's say someone sends you a vector graphics file that contains a draft brand guideline and it doesn't have global colors setup. Being able to turn all instances of a color into a global color would be a massive timesaver.
    Let's say you're doing an illustration and it isn't until you've completed the illustration that you understand which colors are global colors. Being able to turn all instances of a color into a global color would be a massive timesaver.
    Let's say someone sends you a file that uses the same color over and over again, but since they don't use Affinity Designer they send it as an SVG.  Being able to turn all instances of a color into a global color would be a massive timesaver.
    Hope that helps.
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    Kris T reacted to Mithferion in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    Well, unlike some other features requested in these forums by many folks, this has been confirmed to be planned for development. So, it's a matter of time (I know, but at least is on the production line).
    Best regards!
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    Kris T reacted to boudewijndanser in [ADe] Select same color / fill / stroke / appearance   
    It would be very useful to have functions to select the same:
    Color fill stroke (color / width) Appearance To quickly select all your outlines, or background element in 1 color. 
    Speed is everything.  :)
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    Kris T reacted to Aammppaa in Suggest you increase price and boost development   
    People's votes are a little contentious in the UK right now. 
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    Kris T reacted to Ulysses in New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!   
    Still hoping against all odds that our favorite Serif apps will retain their older more stylish icons. Maybe no news is good news. 
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    Kris T reacted to Ulysses in New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!   
    Lots of us agree! The current icons are pretty cool, dramatic, and different. They're very distinguished from other icons in the dock.
    But compare with currently shipping icons with the ones that seem to be proposed in the beta. I'm not as crazy about them. Are you? They're a bit flatter, less colorful, and just not quite as interesting (sincere apologies to the team who designed these... no personal harm intended) No, they won't make the software run better or worse, but it would be nice to see icons we like.   
    P.S. — Affinity Team, it looks like the Designer app icon is a little bit different from the rest in that it doesn't have the little bump-out on the top side the way the other two do. If this icon design is where it's headed, at least make them consistent with the bump-out. Give us a little STYLE!     

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    Kris T reacted to Ulysses in New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!   
    I don't care all that much about the icons either. Or so I told myself until I installed the latest betas for Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher and realized how boxy and undifferentiated they look. It was only then that I realized I cared more than I'd expected. LOL  
    To the developers: PLEASE let these new icons be only for the beta-level products so that they're not confused with the final shipping versions. I've grown to love the consistency, distinction, and creativity of the Affinity icons. The ones in use for the beta look pretty boring and blocky while sitting there in the Mac dock. 

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    Kris T reacted to Unleavened Tech in New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!   
    I have updated Affinity Publisher to the newest beta, and I see that it now has a new icon (the change might not have been implemented in the last beta). I know that it is most likely going to get improved in the near future, but I really don't like it. I assume the icons of Affinity Photo and Designer will get changed as well when 1.7 comes out. I have always looked at the icons of Affinity products on my desktop, and thought that they were one of the most beautiful and well designed icons. I understand that every software is updating it's icons in order to match Modern UI / Fluent Design, but I truly believe that Affinity's previous icons were already simple enough for the new design standards, and they are not really based off of Windows Vista / 7's Aero design language, nor the Materialistic design (which I both actually like better than the Modern / Fluent Design language). Affinity's current icons are something truly unique, and as I said I could totally see them being used in a modern style user interface. The new icon also puts an end to the Affinity triangle, which became Affinity's 'trademark'.
    Here is a recreation of Affinity Designer's logo in .svg, which I made a while back in... well, Affinity Designer:
    P.S.: I have realized that the new betas of Designer and Photo have the new style icons as well. Also, Affinity Designer's new icon reminds me of Chromium's.
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    Kris T reacted to sldx in Save As... to save in the same folder as the current file   
    Not sure it's a feature, more of an improvement, but it has cause some troubles to me.
    In all applications that I'm aware of, the Save As function will save in the folder where the file is currently located in. 
    A.D. does not, it saves in the last folder that was used, always. Even if I close a file and open a totally different one, SaveAs will default to the last saved folder.  I have files spread all over the disk because of that :(
    It's annoying especially because the standard behaviour is so universally ingrained I find it hard to remember to change the save location every time. 
    Keep up the good work
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    Kris T reacted to Alfred in iOS 11 UI kit for iPhone X and artboard for iPhone X don't work together   
    Try here: https://affinity.store/checkout/?code=xmas-ios-11-ui-kit

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