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I thought it would be wonderful if you could export a Publisher file to powerpoint, or even add som features to powerpoint to become a powerpoint editor. As I was preparing for a powerpoint presentation, I realised that I could export my Publisher file, in which each page was edited in Designer, using master pages for background design, to pdf. Then I used one of the free online facitlites to convert the pdf to powerpoint with all layers etc preserved! Then i the powerpoint editor I could add various animations etc. Thus Affinity could be used as en excellent tool for creating advanced powepoint presentations!

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Interesting suggestion, although my personal preference would be Apple Keynote output.

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7 hours ago, Northstar said:

Any suggestions for Windows?

Hello @Northstar,

you might want to read through this thread to get some inspiration:



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Hi all,

Since the first edition of Indesign and switching to Affinity Publisher when the beta was released, I have been using them to generate my presentations quasi exclusively. And I love it!

I am making typically 1 new presentation a week and am fond of the way these software allow a far better use of styles, fine image placement, still visual effects.

I am not using any animation (but often find them more distracting than useful).

I am exporting to PDF and this is always ok where I have to talk.

Of course it would be even simpler if Publisher:

- had a way to switch directly to presentation view mode for tests rather than the sequence discussed in other posts,

- could export to PPT files

- could import movies

... but it is already great as it is and I never regret PowerPoint.


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