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  1. It was Legarto who helped med with getting the Swedish dictoionary into Publisher. It is far above my head, I am afraid. Örjan
  2. Maybe some more unusual languages could not be included in the installation file, but wouldn't it be possible to have an option in the settings where you could install additional languages with one click?
  3. Dear Lagarto, I thought I had Thanked your for this last help, because now the Swedish spelling and hyphening works flawlessly! It was really important for me to solve this problem, for a desktop publishing program that cannot handle one's language is not useful. I think Affinity should handle this language issue as a priority! Örjan
  4. Thank you so much for all valuable comments. However neither the spelling nor the hyphening still works. I have now reinstalled Publisher, but the spelling and hyphening still doesn't work. The Sedish language is recognized on the Character panel, both for spelling and hyphening. But when I klick on Check spelling only the first word is affected by red underlining. When I in a Swedish text ask for show spelling options the next word is affected but now options are stated. When klicking on next, the nest correctly spelled Swedish word is listed but no options, etc. When I klick on check spelling when typing, all the words on the page are underlined in red. Can this strange behaviour give a clue to what is wrong? Thanking you in advance for your ideas. Örjan
  5. Thank you Lagarto so much for taking the trouble to help me. As I am editing Bahá’í-Nytt, the newsletter of a Faith community in Sweden, it really matters a lot for me to get this problem straight. It appears that there are some files that I don't have, especially description.xml and dictionairies-xcu. The files sv_FI.dic and sv_FI.aff are, I guess, specific for a Finnish dialect of Swedish, which is not important for me. If you still have those files at hand, I would be most grateful if you could send them to me: orjwid@zoho.com I find GitHub somewhat challenging to deal with. As regards pointing to the language dictionary, it turns out that when in Preferences>Tools the language dictionary is pointed to C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\Dictionaries, Publisher recognizes the Swedish language on the Character panel (see attachment), but when it is pointed to C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\Dictionaries\sv-SE, the language is listed as unknown (sv-SE) and when I on the text panel klick check spelling, an error message appears, stating that there is an unknown language sv-SE for which no dictionary is installed. In either case neither spelling nor hyphening works. Many thanks to Walt Farrell also. The spelling doesn't work at all, all the Swedish words are regarded as misspelled. , - Örjan
  6. Thank you very much indeed. It seems obvious that the hyphening doesn't work in my installation of Publisher. But why? I have placed the language files in the same map as you showed, and the Swedish language is now recognized by Publisher according to what is shown in the Character panel (see attachment). I have indicated automatic hyphening (see attachment). The language files I have obtained from GitHub. Those I have also attached, in case it is something wrong with them. Thanking you very much in advance Örjan Widegren hyph_sv.dic sv_SE.aff sv_SE.dic
  7. Thank you for the question. I have now updated Publisher to the latest version and installed the Swedish spelling and hyphening dictionary. I have asticked automatic hyphening, but still the result is as attached. When ticking the spelling and suggest alternatives, virtually all the Swedish words are considered misspelled. Any ideas about how to resolve this issue are most welcome. Örjan Hyphoning problem.afpub
  8. Thank you very much for taking the trouble to advice me. But when I have done exactly as is explained in the FAQ, neither spelling nor the hyphonisation work. In the text panel the Swedish language is recognised, but the spelling appears to be English (although I have changed it to Swedish) and the automatic hyphonisation soesn't work at all. What do you think could be the problem? Örjan
  9. Recently I have moved on from PagePlus to Publisher and come across a serious problem which I did not have with PagePlus. When inserting a text (in Swedish) in a text frame, justifying a paragraph creates a number of rows where a single word is spread out with long distances between the letters. Please see the attachment. I suspect it has something to do with that Publisher does not recognise the Swedish language, because the automatic hyphening doesn't work either. There are several Swedish dictionaries available online, but there is nothing in the help file to explain how one can incorporate them. I would be most grateful for a work around. or else I may, regrettably, have to revert to PagePlus. With many thanks in advance, Örjan Widegren
  10. Thank you very much! I have now availed myself of this functionality.
  11. I thought it would be wonderful if you could export a Publisher file to powerpoint, or even add som features to powerpoint to become a powerpoint editor. As I was preparing for a powerpoint presentation, I realised that I could export my Publisher file, in which each page was edited in Designer, using master pages for background design, to pdf. Then I used one of the free online facitlites to convert the pdf to powerpoint with all layers etc preserved! Then i the powerpoint editor I could add various animations etc. Thus Affinity could be used as en excellent tool for creating advanced powepoint presentations!
  12. I made a set of artboards in Designer and hoped I could open the file in Publisher with each artboard converted to a page. But apprantly this was not possible. Why should one wish to do that? Because, then it sould be exported as a multipage pdf, which in turn could be donverted to a powerpoint file. The artboards were imported into Publisher as layers, but I couyld not find a way to convert the layers to separate pages. If Designer and Publisher had this functionality, they could together be used as a marvellous powerpoint making program. But, still, Designer is a wonderful program. Örjan Widegren Sweden
  13. Thank you very much. One thing that will make a lot of difference is of cause when it will be possible to move seamlessly from Publisher to Designer and to Photo and back. Örjan
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