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  1. I made a set of artboards in Designer and hoped I could open the file in Publisher with each artboard converted to a page. But apprantly this was not possible. Why should one wish to do that? Because, then it sould be exported as a multipage pdf, which in turn could be donverted to a powerpoint file. The artboards were imported into Publisher as layers, but I couyld not find a way to convert the layers to separate pages. If Designer and Publisher had this functionality, they could together be used as a marvellous powerpoint making program. But, still, Designer is a wonderful program. Örjan Widegren Sweden
  2. orjwid

    Ducati Pantah

    Fantstic, very impressive! Örjan
  3. Thank you very much. One thing that will make a lot of difference is of cause when it will be possible to move seamlessly from Publisher to Designer and to Photo and back. Örjan
  4. Thanks for the beta of Publisher which many of us have been anxiously waiting for. Are many more features coming later? As of now I don't see any advantage of using Publisher rather than the old PagePlus, which I thought was an excellent program.
  5. Hi, I saw a video on Youtube about a work around to "scissor off" a part of a picture in AD (similar to using the knife tool in DrawPlus), but the video was too fast for me to follow hos to do it. It appeared that you could draw a curve a cross a shape and the use deivide operations to cut it into two independent shapes. But when I attempt to do that, the program invariably closes the corve I draw which deforms the cutting in an undesirable way. Can somenone explain to me how to do it?Thanking you in advance, Örjan
  6. Hi, in fact I have thought about the same topic. The solution I have come up with is to use a very rough textured vector brush, or better make some yourself (which I have done). The if you select quick shape or a curve of your own design and the choose the paint brush and the particular brush type you want, in black and with the interior also fille with black, you get black image with rough outline which you can use as a mask, Just place it above the image you would like with rough edges and select mask below in the layers panel, and you would get the desired shape with rough edges. In this way you can e.g. make photos in the form of a heart with rough edges. Please have a look at the files attached. Best wishes, Örjan Sven.afdesign Raggade ramar.afdesign
  7. Thank you very much indeed for this brilliant and systematic tutorial. It made me aware of a lt of thisngs I didn't know. Örjan
  8. orjwid

    Flower power vector brushes

    Thank you for the tip. But those who have posted in the resources Forum have attached their files unzipped. There should be a simple explanation to this problem. Örjan
  9. Dear Affinados Recently a number of flower image brushes was published in this Forum. But those were of the pixel type. One disadvantage of such brushes is that you cannot apply them to quick shapes or other curves. I have therefore, after some experimentation, created three image brushes with flowery motives. A picture is attached as an example of how you can use them. I was going to attach the brushes as well, but I got a disappointing message that I was not permitted to upload that kind of file. How can I do it? Very best, Örjan Widegren
  10. orjwid

    A Spring Day Illustration AD

    Very nice indeed. How to you achieve this glossy quality? Örjan
  11. From your profile picture I conclude that you are a real egg head... Örjan
  12. orjwid

    Easter Greetings card

    Thank you very much! I guess you made it from an ellipse? Actually, I was meant to give the photo a wavy frame, but hen changed my mind in the direction of an egg shape. But I agree, the egg looks rather battered! Or should I say scrambled... Örjan