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Affinity Publisher - How to use Affinity Photo live filter perspective on text frame via studio link

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In this short demo I'll show you how to use the Live Filter - Perspective of Affinity Photo on a text-frame in Affinity Publisher.

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Hmm… that’s a real shame.

Exporting to PNG seems to work okay – for the small number of tests that I’ve done – but exporting to PDF doesn’t. That seems like quite an unfortunate shortcoming.

I had a quick look in the Publisher Help but can’t see any warnings about this, which is a little worrying, especially for anyone who doesn’t check their PDF before going to print (a step which no-one should omit but some people might easily do).

Also, I’ve noticed a couple of extra issues:
1. The Live Perspective Filter must have its bounds within the original layer boundary, otherwise the result is cropped/clipped (this is different to how it works in Photo ‘natively’) - see attached GIF (Note 1: I’ve just noticed that if you go to another application and then back to Publisher the text is no longer cropped/clipped to the original layer boundary, it’s still a problem though.). (Note 2: Also, for the Live Perspective Filter with boundaries larger than the original layer, if you switch the filter off, the canvas isn’t redrawn properly.)
2. The text, when exported to PDF, is not just in its original position but is also rasterised (to a fairly low resolution too) – see attached PDF. (This rasterisation was my fault, it's not a problem.)

Do we know if these issues are expected behaviour, or have they been overlooked, or are they simply bugs?

If exporting to PDF causes some filters/features to be overridden/omitted then there should be some kind of warning for the user, otherwise they could have some expensive problems later in the process.



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2 hours ago, Wosven said:

It's the same when exporting to PDF from APhoto. I suspect it's a bug, an omission, and the live filter(s) aren't rasterized when exporting to PDF.

Hi Wosven,
This is a known issues that's already logged to be looked at.

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