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Colour Picker – Linked or “Live” Eyedropper

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Hi there,


I thought about improvements of the colour picking system, particularly about the eyedropper. I must admit that it’s quite comfortable to select a colour and have it available in a separate inkwell (the small circle right to the eyedropper symbol). On the other hand there's always the need for a second click to apply this color. And it’s very cumbersome to try out different colors on an active shape by picking those colours one after another from the environment of that shape in a complex piece.


So what about a linked or “live” eyedropper (see my mockup)? – I would imagine to have it work this way. First you select your desired shape, and when the link button is engaged, the small circle to the right of the eyedropper is linked to the fill / stroke selector on the left. When “fill” is selected for example, you can take the eyedropper to the piece you are working on and whatever colour you are sampling by hovering over the canvas is immediately applied to the fill selector and to the active shape’s fill. Just as it happens when we use the colour wheel or sliders.


(For instance, we could drag the eyedropper to the blue triangle in my screen shot and apply the blue fill immediately to the highlighted red one.)


Now it would be very embarrasing if there is still a method to achieve this … but if there’s none, this would be my proposal …  ;)


Cheers, Alex


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