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Hi.  If I select a tool and then use the space bar to get the hand cursor icon to move the photo about, when I release the space bar the hand stays showing instead of immediately reverting back to the original tool icon.  That feels odd.

Often, the hand will change to the tool if I move the mouse, which isn't ideal - or click which I may not want to do as that activates the tool.

However, in some cases the hand remains there (again unless I click or) unless I move it to the tool bar and back again (without clicking, doesn't need to be the same tool).  This has happened with the floodfill tool, selection brush and colour picker - I haven't tried many other tools.




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Same problem here, and for me it's happening with nearly all the tools (Zoom, Clone, Paint brush, Selection brush, Eraser, etc.) and nearly all Live Filters (Clarity, High Pass, Denoise, Lens Distortion, etc.).

This problem appeared with the 1.7 update (maybe the 1.7.1?); before that update it wasn't there.

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