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Superscript and subscript not working properly?

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I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug?

  • Superscript and subscript buttons in the character panel work only when applied to certain characters and numbers (numbers become superscripts, but not text glyphs)
  • I tried different fonts and different files, same result.
  • For example, in the phrase "19th century" 'th' becomes a superscript automatically when typing the entire word and adding a space at the end, but trying to manually add the superscript from the character panel doesn't work.

I would like to be able to apply superscript and subscript manually to any text characters and numbers, if possible.

System: Windows 10 Pro



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The Typography features require support from the font that you've chosen, and functions like super- and subscript work only for those characters that the font supports.

For other characters, take a look at the bottom of labeled "S" just above your red circle. You should find super- and subscript options in its pulldown that will work for all characters. For those options Publisher will "fake" the text position and size to make them look approximately right.

-- Walt

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Thank you for your replies!

I hadn't seen the Superscript/Subscript pulldown option. This works for me.

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