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  1. Hi I'm wondering if it's possible to change the color of the currently active page/spread color to something more easily noticeable? To clarify, I'm talking about the grey outline that's around the pages that are currently active (pages 30, 31 in my screenshot). I've scrolled through the page navigation many times trying to find which page was active, but missing it because the grey is very subtle. When I squint it all looks indistinguishable grey. I tried changing the UI colors in preferences but it didn't make much difference. The Light UI doesn't have this issue since there is enough contrast. I like the blue color when selecting pages, maybe something similar could be used for highlighting active pages too? Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your replies! I hadn't seen the Superscript/Subscript pulldown option. This works for me.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug? Superscript and subscript buttons in the character panel work only when applied to certain characters and numbers (numbers become superscripts, but not text glyphs) I tried different fonts and different files, same result. For example, in the phrase "19th century" 'th' becomes a superscript automatically when typing the entire word and adding a space at the end, but trying to manually add the superscript from the character panel doesn't work. I would like to be able to apply superscript and subscript manually to any text characters and numbers, if possible. System: Windows 10 Pro
  4. Hi When I export a single page as an image from a spread (so one half of the spread) with bleed, the resulting image is slightly narrower. If I export the entire spread as an image, the image dimensions will be correct. So based on the example below, the export settings in Publisher look correct. 1984 px x 2716 px is the correct size for the image but when I open the image in Photo, it shows that it's actually only 1915 px wide. Somehow about 6 mm of the image were gone with the export. I found this out when I imported the image back to Publisher and saw that it didn't exactly match the original layout. I tried this with different Publisher projects so it's not just an issue with a single file I was working on. I tried it with TIFF files too and got the same results. My document is set up with facing pages and I can't really switch back to single page view to export the pages from there because I designed my layout while in the spread view and when I switch it to page view it becomes messed up. This also affects exporting single pages that aren't part of a spread (the very first page and the very last page in my document) Bleed seems to be the issue since when I export a single page of a spread WITHOUT the bleed then the size is correct (I need to export it with bleed though) Publisher version