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Is there any preference for decimal places

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I’m working a document where I set the units to inches, and need to represent typical fractional lumber measurements: x.125, x.25, x.375, etc..  The transform panel rounds everything to a single decimal place. So entering an item to have a width of .125 (1/8th inch), displays as .1. Adding .125 it displays as .2. Repeating two more times adding .125 to the item should end up as .5, but Affinity Designer shows it to be .4. (Internally AD appears to be storing the result rounded to 1 decimal place)

Is there not an option to control the precision/decimal places?  As an alternative I thought of multiplying all measurements by 100 so 200.125” would be 20012.5, but it looks like there’s a document limit of 128000 points.

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Hi Stv and Welcome to the Forums,

It's only the display in the app that is being rounded.  The values you are entering are being honoured in the background and if you open the same file up in the Desktop version of Affinity and check the size of any items, they will be displayed correctly (you may need to alter the decimal places option in Preferences to see the full value).

We do have this logged and hopefully it won't be too long before we have the ability to display the actual value being entered.


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Any update on displaying multiple decimal places?

I’m having to use very large documents so that I can see accurate dimensions, with the result that Designer is constantly crashing. 

A scaling option would also solve my problem, if that’s likely to be coming any sooner?

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