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  1. That icon is only in Designer, Photo doesn’t have it. But you’re quite right, I have to turn snapping off from the menu, which is a bit of a faff, but solves the problem. What is Autoclip for then?
  2. I assume this is a bug, but perhaps I don’t understand how it’s supposed to work: When using the perspective filter in Affinity Photo, the grid keeps snapping and I need it not to. I assumed that toggling off ‘Autoclip’ would stop this but it doesn’t. Shouldn’t it? I’m on an original iPad Pro 12" running the iOS 12 beta and AP version
  3. SarahT

    Stroke width bug in Designer

    Yes! I was able to reproduce it on mine as well by doing what you described.
  4. SarahT

    Stroke width bug in Designer

    My mum is on iOS 11 and still having this issue. I’m on iOS 12 and haven’t had it.
  5. SarahT

    Move tool keeps transforming

    This seems fixed in the latest release, thank you! Edit: that assessment may have been premature..
  6. SarahT

    Stroke width bug in Designer

    Yes, lines in points is on. Here is a screen capture of what happens: 2E3AF997-A062-462D-9A76-CD1A413674CC.MP4 CC16B47C-4B26-441B-B260-A9CF28DD84F2.MOV
  7. SarahT

    Move tool keeps transforming

    +1. This is my number one issue with Designer.
  8. On my mum’s 2018 iPad, inputting a stroke width does not give you the width you entered. If I put in 0.5, I get 0.1. If I put in 2, I get 0.5. On my iPad Pro it works as expected.
  9. SarahT

    Colour picker bug

    Also, sometimes the colour picker circle gets stuck, as you can see in the screenshots. When it does, it will be there in every file I open, but not on the home screen. The only way to get rid of it is to force-quit the app.
  10. SarahT

    Colour picker bug

    In both Designer and Photo, picking a colour with the colour picker works fine with a finger, but is unreliable with the pencil. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes I hold my pencil over the colour and it eventually fills the outer circle, and sometimes I hold it as long as I can and the outer circle never fills.
  11. I’ve been using Photo to create some very basic vector patterns, since Designer isn’t available yet. I want to be able to experiment with the colours, but I can’t work out how to change them without going through and grouping all objects of the same colour together. Is there a way to get Photo to find everything of one particular colour and replace with another colour?
  12. So I select an object and tap on a circle in Transform Studio, which brings up the number pad. I enter my number and tap off, and the object deselects and no change is made. I used to be able to do this so I don’t think it’s user error, but please enlighten me if it is. i just noticed the same issue trying to enter a radius for an outline. I’m on an original 12.9in iPad Pro, iOS 11.0.3, APh, and using the Apple Pencil.

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