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  1. what a pity. I draw a lot of with the pencil tool and I have a lot of sublayers in my drawings. That would be nice I'll try to do so. Thank you :)
  2. is it possible to fold / unfold all sublayers of a layer? It often happens to me that I get the wrong path/curve. Is it possible to grab only sublayers of the current layer? Sorry for my bad english and thank you in advance. Greetings
  3. Yes this is very important to work seriously with the program without starting completely new.
  4. Ich verstehe das nicht, dass wurde doch schon bei Affinity Photo kritisiert.... Das ist ein essentielles Feature, wenn man dual arbeiten will. Sonst muss man doch alles doppelt machen. I do not understand that, but it was already criticized at Affinity Photo .... This is an essential feature, if you want to work dual. Otherwise you have to do everything twice.
  5. that is exactly what I tried! I hope there will be an option to rearrange brushes between the categories or copy and paste them. as it is now, it quickly becomes confusing
  6. Thanks but I mean the function as in the desktop version to select the pixel content from the layer where you just click on layer while holding down Cmd/Strg. Is that possible on ipad in another fast way?
  7. Hey, how can i get a selection from several layers in Affinity Photo for Ipad? I tried select non-transparent areas by selected more than one selected layer and a group. But both doesn't work. Sorry, my english is bad. Tanks in advance
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